[Completed] United Virtual | Celebrating One Year @ KEWR - 081800ZDEC18

It’s Time to Celebrate! - United Virtual is Turning One!

Within our first year, we have achieved 2272 hours of flight time with more than 2136 flights* flown (as of November 21, 2018)!

* 2132 flights flown since March 2018 - when our Crew Center was opened to our pilots.

A big thanks to all of our amazing pilots! We wouldn’t be here without you guys!

The first flight ever logged for UVA was flown on the evening of December 5, 2017, from KEWR to KIAD by our CEO, @jakevaz423. In this event, we strive to recreate that flight - one year later.

Event Details:

Server: Expert

Departing Airport: KEWR

Arriving Airport: KIAD

Aircraft: United A320

Time (This displays in your time zone): Saturday, December 8, 2018 6:00 PM

NOTAM: All pilots should behave in a professional and realistic matter. This event’s goal is to provide a fun and professional environment to celebrate the many years of flight service that United has provided.

How To Join The Event:

When requesting to join the event, please include the following information: (Gate Preference) (Callsign)
Please only use United callsigns

Gates Information:


Gates C70 - C99

C70 -

C71 -

C72 -

C73 -

C74 -

C75 -

C80 -

C81 -

C82 -

C83 -

C84 -

C85 -

C86 -

C87 -

C90 -

C91 -

C92 - @Rishon_R (United 777)

C93 -

C94 -

C95 -

C96 -

C97 - @Krunchy_Toast (United 690)

C98 -

C99 - @Jack_H (United 12016)

Gates C101A - C115 - UVA Pilots Only

C101A - @Tnel (UVA-148)

C102A - @chiabi1998 (UVA-167)

C103A - @Jackson_Kaiman (UVA-180)

C103B - @Jonas05 (UVA-174)

C104A - @Laurent_Wellman (UVA-184)

C105A -@AviatorGamerYT (UVA-187)

C106A - [Missing Gate]

C107A - @mogbog (UVA-102)

C107B - @GlobalFlyer1 (UVA-181)

C108B - @Captain.Dez (UVA-166)

C109A - @janksadam (UVA-163)

C110A-B - @Ian_Mckillop (UVA-147)

C111A - @jakevaz423 (UVA-001)

C112A-B - @MdogAviator (UVA-157)

C113A-B - @harmyd (UVA-045)

C114A-B - @Brad_K (UVA-122)

C115A-B - @GHOST_Heavy (UVA-173)

Gates C120 - C139

C120 - @Pingu (United 940)

C121 - @jabs234 (UVA-134)

C122 -

C123 - @BlueAcidball (United 6192)

C124 -

C125 -

C126 -

C127 - @Swiftlings_17 (United 2915)

C128 -

C129 -

C130 -

C131 -

C132 -

C133 -

C134 -

C135 -

C136 -

C137 -

C138 -

C139 -

Want To Join United Virtual?

We are always looking for pilots to join our amazing VA. Interested? Apply here!


Established December 5, 2017

A special thanks to all of our staff that make this possible: @jakevaz423, @anon36571935, @athitayan, @Jshnlsn, @Patrick_Gallagher, @Matt737, @harmyd, and @Ian_Mckillop.


I’ll take C101A please! UVA-148


Put me in!👨‍✈️

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I Will be there!

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I’ll take a gate, UVA-060!


I’ll be there also. Can I PLEASE 🙏🏿fly a different Aircraft? Please. Boeing?
Callsign: UVA-138

@Tnel @Patrick_Gallagher Thanks for joining the event! I’ve added both of you.

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Hello! For this event we are only using the Airbus A320. Boeing aircrafts will be included in future events.


@Ian_Mckillop @Captain.Dez Hi! Which gates and which United callsigns should I assign?

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Callsign UVA-166


I’ll do C-110A. Callsign UVA-147


@Captain.Dez @Ian_Mckillop Both are now added! Thanks for joining!


Sign me up! I’ll take C107A


Now added! Thank you for being part of this event!

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No problem, sign me up!!!👍🏿
Any gate:


Can’t wait! Put me down for C109A. UVA163


@Playr_Mar @janksadam Thanks for joining! Both of you are now included!

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I’m In! Callsign United 1034 & Any Gate Please! Also, I have sent you guys many applications for UVA and have gotten no response. Is there any way i can talk to one of you guys through the forum?

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By the way I’m not sure if this is a glitch but the two dates in the description and then the global time are not matching. Which one is correct?

You can talk to @jakevaz423 or @anon36571935

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