[Completed] United Airlines Inaugural Flight to YSSY @ KSFO - 011000ZMAY18


Server Training

San Francisco to Sydney, Australia

Departure Airport KSFO

Arrival Airport YSSY

Time 10:00Z AEST 8PM

Aircraft Recommend 787-9 United Airlines or United 777-200ER

Flight time 15 Hours

Come and join me on this great flight from SFO to SYD it is a red eye flight which means yes it is an over night flight we will be taking off on runway 28L at KSFO and the landing at YSSY will be on runway 34L

Let me know before hand if you can’t attend if you can attend great let me know what aircraft you want to fly and I will get you a gate for our departure to the South West

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Hi there. Please check other events too see how others set them up. They need to be in a format

I have never created an event before so I have no idea what to do or how it all works?

Please follow this structure

And set a date as well. Or get someone else from United Airlines Virtual to set the event up

I am not a part of United Virtual

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My mistake, I just assumed as it was a flight that already exists in reality, it must be a virtual airline

Well I have done this flight in real life I just thought that it would be a good idea to do a group flight or an event to try to make the route more popular

2 Hours Remaining until the departure time

28 minutes until the event starts

The event is starting now last chance for anyone to join me 🙁

The event is en route to YSSY now if you still want to see me spawn at YSSY tomorrow and hop in a jet to catch up to me otherwise for anyone who wanted to come you guys missed out I gave you guys warnings that I will be starting soon

Just so you know, the departure time for US CDT was 5 am, that’s probably why you didn’t get much in terms of turnout.

Well I am sorry but I am not from the US I am from Australia

I will be landing in Sydney in 31 minutes

Sorry to see your event didn’t go as planned. But I have some tips for a future event!

  1. Always coordinate with American time zones, and set time to afternoon times. This will allow more Americans to be able to join.

  2. Please include gates, facilities (e.g. Tower, Ground), a projected arrival time, and list those who join. This is a necessity, as it will be more organized and you will know who is joining.

  3. Always, always, always include a flight plan. We don’t want anyone flying through each other.

  4. Include a NOTAM, to notify of any important information.

  5. Include a cruise altitude, and speed. This will keep everyone in formation, and not cause complications.

  6. Please don’t use this format, everyone. This is an example of an uncoordinated event, and will not have a good outcome.

If you’d like to see a good example of an event, and one you can join (as of May 1st, 2018), I have one:

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@schyllberg you can close this the event has finished