[COMPLETED] The Ultimate Old A380 Flight

The Ultimate Old A380 Flight

Welcome to the final A380 send off hosted by @Butter575! As many of you know the A380 has won the recent poll and will be in the process of being reworked. I think it should be a good idea to have one final group flight to remember the old A380 that has brought many memories.

Event Specifics

Server: Expert
Date: 20NOV22
Type: Group Flight Event

Flight Information

  • Altitude: 38000 ft
  • Speed: Mach 0.85
  • Route: OMDB-KSFO
  • FPL: Posted below
  • Flight time: About 15 hours
  • Maintain at least 7nm apart from others

Departure Info

  • Pushback time is 01:15z
  • @Butter575 will depart first
  • Departure runway N/A
  • FPL may be changed for departure

Cruising Info

  • Cruising Altitude: 38000
  • Step climbing is not preferred
  • Maintain Mach 0.85 once at cruising
  • Maintain safe distance from other aircraft (7nm)

Approach Info

  • Landing Runway 28
  • Parallel Landings are allowed
  • Maintain appropriate separation on approach
  • Please park in the area circled in red

Please read over everything above so there will be no confusion during the flight! Thank you everyone and see you there!


Gate Airline Aircraft User
A01 Emirates A380 @Butter575
A02 Emirates A380 @United403
A03 Emirates A380 @EnthusiasticAviation
A04 Emirates A380 @GurIsGur
A05 Emirates A380 @RyanairLander
A06 Emirates A380 @coolguy_bob
A07 Emirates A380 @MaddogMadman
A08 Emirates A380 @MacGyver
A09 Emirates A380 @TheSimulationGeek
A10 Emirates A380 @Monkey_Pilots
D01 Emirates A380 @IF_California
D02 Emirates A380 @Topgottem
D03 Emirates A380 @the_ding
D04 Emirates A380 @Lloyd-Aviation
D05 Emirates A380 @Rodrigo.O194
D06 Emirates A380 @Pilot_o114
D07 Emirates A380
D08 Emirates A380
D09 Emirates A380
D10 Emirates A380

More gates will be added as needed

Air Traffic Control

Frequency Controller
OMDB ATIS @TruKnight
OMDB Ground @TruKnight
OMDB Tower @TruKnight
OMDB Departure
Dubai Center
Frequency Controller
KSFO Ground
KSFO Tower
KSFO Approach
Oakland Center


  • I am not responsible for violations
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • Use Unicom correctly if needed
  • Act professionally
  • Have fun

Flight Plan

Click the link below, download it on the device you will be using for the flight and upload it on event day!

A380 FPL

Please copy it beforehand by the link or once spawned in from Emirates 575 Heavy or @Butter575

Make sure to check out my other events


I’ll absolutely join

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See you there

FYI The A380 cruises at M0.85.

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Ok thanks for the info :)

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I would like to secure my spot in this event :)

Alright you got it!

All gates for Concourse A have now been added

I definitely want in on this!

Sign me up!

I would like this please

@TruKnight @RyanairLander @GurIsGur you are all signed up

A-06 please

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Your all signed up

mind if i cut in?

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Of course!

Event Announcement

The flight plan has now been uploaded! Please click on the link above and follow the directions given above the link!

Link is also here:


Small event bump

This isn’t for another 5 days

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Oh crap. I have so many events I’m attending I can’t keep them straight. Probably need to invest in a calendar. I’m so tired from the baby keeping me up at night 😂😂

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