[Completed] The Interesting Northern Colorado Flyout

Not someone in this event

@United403 id love to see the 190 go 24 lol

@Cole_Woodard I know that won’t work so I’m not even gonna allow it

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I bet he’s gonna try it anyway

pushing in 5?

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Everyone, there will be 0 pushbacks

Taxi in 5 (10)

@MrGoatX wait for @StarAviation to go instead of pushing back

Full load of PAX today for the charter up to Rochester.

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@StarAviation turn right after starting up and do a 180

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@MrGoatX follow him

no pushing back @Mort

Sorry, I’m confused. Other members at the event were approved to push. And @United403 told me to push.

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They aren’t apart of the event

Oh… I am so, so, so sorry.

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It’s ok just pull back in where you were

let these guys go then We will go

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just go into the Saudia @Mort

@Mort you can go if you’d like

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ummm… Saudia just took my spot.