[COMPLETED!] The Canadian Competitor! @CYVR 132100ZJUL19

I haven’t ever made an event before, so I thought I’d give it a try to the best of my ability, once the event Is over, please rate it!


CYVR Vancouver is an amazing airport in Infinite Flight, both for Commercial and GA flights. It provides several flights from short to long haul across the globe. The airport is sometimes operated under the Expert server, but isn’t overall used enough in my opinion. The views on either approach is stunning, with views wherever you fly, from mountains to the City itself.

Time: 2019-07-13T21:00:00Z2019-07-13T21:30:00Z

Please spawn 15 minutes before for photos.

Airport: CYVR
Server: Expert

Concourse A, Gates 1-12, Westjet
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Attendee
6 Westjet Victoria/CYYJ Dash 8 Q400
7 Westjet Prince George/CYXS Dash 8 Q400
8 Westjet Kelowna/CYLW Dash 8 Q400
9 Westjet N/A Dash 8 Q400 @Ryan_1872
10 Westjet
11 Westjet
12 Westjet
Concourse B, Gates 11-28, Westjet
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Attendee
11 Westjet
12 Westjet
13 Westjet Calgary/ CYYC 737-700
14 Westjet Toronto/CYYZ 737-800
15 Westjet Calgary/CYYC 737-800 @TheOtherMatthew
16 Westjet Toronto/CYYZ 737-700
17 Westjet Honolulu/PHNL 737-800
18 Westjet Kahului/ PHOG 737-800
19 Westjet Winnipeg/CYWG 737-800
20 Westjet San Francisco/KSFO 737-800
21 Westjet
22 Westjet
23A Air Canada Smithers/CYYD Dash 8 Q400
23B Air Canada Whitehorse/CYXY Dash 8 Q400
26 Air Canada Yellowknife/CYZF CRJ-900
27 Air Canada Winnipeg/CYWG A319/A321
28 Air Canada Edmonton/CYEG A319/A321
Concourse C, Gates 29-52, Air Canada
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Attendee
29 Air Canada Toronto/CYYZ A321 @Gtmkm98
30 Air Canada Calgary/CYYC A319 @Qantas094
31 Air Canada Toronto/CYYZ A319
32 Air Canada Fort St. John/CYXJ Dash 8 Q400
33 Air Canada Nanaimo/CYCD Dash 8 Q400
34 Air Canada Kelowna/CYLW Dash 8 Q400
35 Air Canada Victoria/CYYJ Dash 8 Q400
36 Air Canada Castlegar/CYCG Dash 8 Q400
37 Air Canada Calgary/CYYC Dash 8 Q400
38 Air Canada Kamloops/CYKA Dash 8 Q400
39 Air Canada Penticton/CYYF Dash 8 Q400
40 Air Canada Cranbrook/CYXC Dash 8 Q400
41 Air Canada Comox/CYQQ Dash 8 Q400
42 Air Canada Terrace/CYXT Dash 8 Q400
43 Air Canada Prince George/CYXS Dash 8 Q400
44 Air Canada Montreal/CYUL A319/A321
46 Air Canada Ottowa/CYOW A319/A321
47 British Airways London/EGLL A380
48 Xiamen Air Xiamen/ZSAM 787-8
49 Lufthansa Munich/EDDM A340-600
Concourse D, Gates 48-78, Int Gates
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Attendee
48 Xiamen Air Xiamen/ZSAM 787-8
49 Lufthansa Munich/EDDM A340-600
50 Air Transat (Air Canada) London/EGKK A330-300
51 Air Canada Delhi/VIDP 787-9
52 Air New Zealand Auckland/NZAA 777-300ER
53 Air Canada Brisbane/YBBN 787-9 @KGJT-9149
54 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong/VHHH 777-300ER
55 Lufthansa Frankfurt/EDDF 747-400
56 Air Canada Sydney/YSSY 777-200LR
60 Air Canada Toronto/CYYZ 787-9
61 China Airlines Taipei/RCTP 777-300ER
62 Icelandair Reykjavik/BIKF 757-20
63 Condor (Thomas Cook) Frankfurt/EDDF 767-300
64 Air Canada London/EGLL 787-9 @Ecoops123
65 ANA Tokyo/RJTT 787-10
66 KLM Amsterdam/EHAM 777-300ER
67 Air France Paris/LFPG 777-200ER @United_1154
70 Air China (China Airlines) Beijing/ZBAA A330-300
71 China Eastern (China Airlines) Shanghai/ZSPD A330-300
72 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong/VHHH 777-300ER
73 Air Canada Kahului/PHOG 767-300
Concourse E, Gates 67-99
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Attendee
67 Philippine Manila/RPLL 777-300ER
70 Air China (China Airlines) Beijing/ZBAA A330-300
71 China Eastern (China Airlines) Shanghai/ZSPD A330-300
72 Cathay Pacific VHHH/Hong Kong 777-300ER
73 Air Canada Kahului/PHOG B763
74 International Flight
75 Air Canada Rouge Montreal/CYUL 767-300
76 China Southern Cancun/ZGGG 787-8
77 Air France Paris/LFPG 777-200ER
78 United San Francisco/KSFO A320
79 Alaskan Seattle/KSEA 737-800
80 Delta Seattle/KSEA E170
81 Aeromexico Mexico/MMXX 737-700
82 Air Canada Los Angeles A319/A321
83 Air Canada Denver/KDEN CRJ-900
84 Westjet Los Angeles/KLAX 737-800
86 Air Canada Chicago/KORD CRJ-900
87 Air Canada San Diego/KSAN CRJ-900 @Bryce_D
88 Air Canada San Jose/KSJC CRJ-900 @GlobalFlyer1
90 Air Canada Anchorage/PANC A319
91 American Dallas/KDFW 737-800
92 Air Canada San Francisco/KSFO CRJ-900
93 Alaskan Portland/ KPDX Dash 8 Q400
94 Air Canada Portland/KPDX Dash 8 Q400
95A Air Canada Seattle/KSEA CRJ-900 @TestFlight009
96 Alaskan Seattle/KSEA Dash 8 Q400


Apologies for the table, not exactly sure how to do that especially on mobile.
Any unfilled gates, or marked with these things then feel free to put a real route lf your choice, that is suitable for the gate.

NOTAMS: Respect basic ATC rules. Be aware of your speed whilst taxiing. Give way to all aircraft ahead. Group chat will be made 1 week before (I may not be able to I am camping that week). If you want to join, but cannot fly or be online for long, then don’t hesitate spawning in an empty gate (check this thread first) or the main idea is to spawn in the South Terminal in a GA aircraft! (South Terminal is southeast area of CYVR)

PLEASE NOTE - I may not be able to responed to you between the 1st and 7th of July

Please don’t go straight in for a big complaint about how I laid this out. I am brand new to making Events and am only using a mobile and a tablet to create posts. Happy Flying!

See my other event here:

(Please tell me your gate and destination to understand which flight you have chosen.)

Thank you so much guys for coming to this event. It was fairly small but makes me feel more accepted into the community, as my journey into Infinite Flight continues.


Do you mean the flight departing from Gate 71?

Actually I’ll take a flight to Sydney

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Gate 56? Sorry it is very helpful to name the gate, because there are several flights to the same airport in different aircraft and liveries.

Sorry I desperately wanted to be the first to sign up to give you the warm welcome

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Why is this under International?
Is this like an exception?

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No it’s fine don’t worry! Thanks for the warm welcome! 😁

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I think I put it there because the other gates that were available didnt fit the aircraft.

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I see, can’t wait!

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I’m dumb…

I just realized that I have a trip during that week, sorry can’t join.

Gonna try to join your other events…

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The flight is also (hopefully) helpful for Americans taking off in the late afternoon and landing in the evening depending on their flight.

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Nevermind we all do the same thing 🤣

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I’ll take Gate 29 to Toronto!

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Sure! I’ll put you down!

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Thank you!

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Because this flight originates at CYYZ and stops at CYVR before heading to YSSY.

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‘Thanks for covering me 😂’

I actually had no idea.

Vancouver is quite a large stopover for lots of flights. Whilst searching for flights I found at least 10 stopovers within the day.

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I’ll take an Air Canada Express CRJ-900 to San Jose if possible! Thanks!

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Sure! Thanks for joining the group!

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May I be switched over to the E gates like the real flight? Thanks!

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