[Completed] The Bob Hope - Burbank Flyout @ KBUR 031700ZFEB19

The Burbank Flyout!

Photo Credit

Richard Derk

This is my first event, so please hang in there with me. Welcome to the Burbank Flyout! Burbank is a airport on the smaller side, that sees over 60 flights a day, most being Southwest Airlines.

Learn more about Burbank here:


Terminal A

Gate A1: Southwest Airlines 737-700 to KPDX
Gate A2: Southwest Airlines 737-700 to KOAK
@Kamryn (Desert Gold)
Gate A3: Southwest Airlines 737-800 to KFLL
Gate A4: Southwest Airlines 737-700 to KOAK
@JacksonAviation (Illinois One)
Gate A5: American Airlines A319 to KCLT
Gate A6: Southwest Airlines 737-800 to KLAS
Gate A7: Southwest Airlines 737-800 to KPHX
Gate A8: JetBlue Airways A321 to KJFK
Gate A9: Southwest Airlines 737-800 to KDEN

Terminal B

Gate B1: Delta Airlines 737-900 to KMSP
Gate B2: Delta Airlines A321 to KATL
Gate B3: United Airlines CRJ-700 to KDEN
Gate B4: Alaska Airlines 737-900 to KSEA
Gate B5: Alaska Airlines 737-900 to KSEA


Ground: @MacGyver
Tower: @MacGyver
Approach: @samdog27
Departure: @samdog27


GA 01: TBM to KOAK: @Rishon_R


Cargo UPS 01: UPS 757 to KDSM
Cargo UPS 02: UPS 757 to KSDF

Server: Training

Airport: KBUR

Time: 2019-02-03T17:00:00Z

NOTAM: *Please spawn in 15 minutes early for photos. This event is on the Training Server so please use ATC respectfully. If you are planning to show up in a special livery, let me know so we don’t have duplicates ;) If you want to change the destination of your route, just let me know :) If you plan to fly in, let me know, and you can take a gate after somebody pushes back.


Hi there! Your title seems to be formatted incorrectly. The event title needs to go before the ICAO and date. Just FYI ;)

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February 3, 2019 5:00 PM
This will auto adjust the event time to your time zone.

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I’ll take gate A7 to PHX. :)

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@esant_15 you have been added. See you there!

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Um most of these routes do not exist

@JacksonAviation am I allowed to help with routes as I’ve been to Burbank airport on many occasions

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Yes, of course, pm me

How do I add that to the time?

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Thanks, that was a HUGE help!

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Hey! Are you able to change Gate B5 to KSEA? I’ll take the gate if that’s possible, just let me know. Thanks!

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If you could change A SWA gate to DEN, I will attend!

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@bdreslin02, changed and your added
@Luke_Sta what gate?

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Doesn’t matter.

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I can be ATC

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Thank you!

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Which ATC?

You’ve been added for Denver

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I’ll be KBUR Ground & Tower ATC

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You’ve been added