[Completed, Thank you!] Vacationer’s Flyout! @ TXKF - 201900ZOCT18

Server: Training

Airport: TXKF

Time: October 20, 2018 7:00 PM

NOTAM: Spawn in at your gate 10 minutes prior to the event start. If the event fills up well before the date of the event, the day might be changed, to reduce the wait time for the event.

Gate 1: American Airlines B738 to KMIA: @Lebbix
Gate 2: American Airlines B738 to KBOS: @Rishon_R
Gate 3: Westjet B737 to CYYZ: @Kyan_Perry
Gate 4: United Airlines B739 to KEWR: @esant_15
Gate 5: British Airways B772 to EGKK: @Takeoff_Aviation
Gate 6: JetBlue Airways A320 to KJFK: @Shadow87645
Gate 7: British Airways B772 to EGKK: @QFA_12
Gate 8: WestJet B737 to CYYZ: @JulianQ

FBO Cedar Aviation Services 01: TBM 930 to MDPC: @Pingu
FBO Cedar Aviation Servies 01: B737-700BBJ to KEWR: @Kamryn
Apron II: C172 (VFR): @HadenJohnson
Apron III: C208 to KMIA: @Anawin_Roongsaengjan
Apron IV: CCX to KEWR:
Area F: Fedex MD-11F to KMEM: @Plane-Train-TV
Area P: UPS MD-11F to KSDF: @Thomasie

ATC- TXKF Tower: @Dylan_M
TXKF Ground: @Dylan_M
TXKF Approach: @MaximV

Get your gate today! As TXKF is a small airport, there is a limited amount of gates. Also, this is my first event, so please give me some feedback on it!


I know that @AcornPlayz has a Bermuda event also, this is not to copy him.


Can I have gate 4? Thanks.

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Sure thing! Thanks for coming!

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What do you think of this event?

No, the event is on November 10.

Would you like a gate?

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@Plane-Train-TV here is the regular thread

Could I switch one of the cargo gates to be FedEx?

Sure what would you like to switch?

I’ll take a BA flight to EGKK Please

Sure! Thanks for coming!

Probably the DHL. Whatever you want to change I’m fine with. It’s your event

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I have changed Area F to Fedex.


The date of the event has been changed to October 20th.

Also, as there is a limited amount of gates, get them quick!!

I’ll fly FDXVA to KMEM

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Thanks for coming! I’ll add you

Would anyone like a gate?

Gate: any that will hold a cessna 172. Callsign: H145NJ. VA: IFGAC.

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I recommend using a larger plane because there are no nearby airports.