[COMPLETED-THANK YOU!] Let’s give Burbank some Hollywood Love @ KBUR-251900ZAUG18

Burbank Hollywood Love Flyout

Server: Expert

Airport: KBUR

Time: 1900Z7:00 PM7:00 PM

NOTAM: Please spawn at least 10 minutes before event begins. If you plan to arrive in Burbank, please land at least 20 minutes before the first departure. This will avoid all traffic problems and easy departures. There are aircraft size restrictions. No aircraft bigger than a A330 is allowed on the cargo ramp.

About this event: As we all know, Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX) is one of the most busiest airspaces in Infinite Flight and having more than 500 Infinite Flight Pilots either landing of departing every day. With that number so high, I want to give some love to another airport that has seen passenger growth double in these past years than ever before.

About Burbank Airport: Hollywood Burbank is a airport located about 25 miles from LAX so it is a great alternate from all the LAX traffic. Southwest Airlines is the main carrier here with 45 daily flights. Other Carriers include jetBlue, United, American, Delta and Alaska. It is a easy come easy go type of airport with no jet-bridges at all. It is meant for those who want to get away from the traffic of LAX and enjoy the scenery of Hollywood.

Routes Available:

Terminal A (ONE GATE)

Gate A1- Southwest 737-700 KBUR-KSJC @BigBert10 (Southwest 6889)
Gate A2- Southwest 737-700 KBUR-KOAK @Plane-Train-TV (Southwest 5141)
Gate A3- Southwest 737-700 KBUR-KPHX @AllegiantAir (Southwest 1077)
Gate A4- Southwest 737-700 KBUR-KLAS @anon42527263 (Southwest 6928)
Gate A5- American CRJ-700 KBUR-KPHX @Adam_Macaulay (American 9561)
Gate A6- Southwest 737-700 KBUR-KSMF @Boeing797 (Southwest 4117)
Gate A7- Southwest 737-800 KBUR-KDEN @IanD (Southwest 176)
Gate A8- Southwest 737-700 KBUR-KSFO @esant_15 (Southwest 1372)
Gate A9- JetBlue A320-200 KBUR-KJFK (Hiboac) @Lorne_V_Littlejohn

Terminal B (FULL)

Gate B1- Delta E175 KBUR-KSLC @Sebastian9915 (DLVA0243)
Gate B2- United CRJ-700 KBUR-KDEN @KIND9624 (SkyWest 9624)
Gate B3- United 737-800 KBUR-KSFO @Namir_Thobani (United 41)
Gate B4- Alaska E175 KBUR-KPDX @Infinite_Flight_Dude (Alaska SKW 3497)
Gate B5- Alaska 737-900 KBUR-KSEA @langer00am (Alaska 1856)

Cargo (FULL)

UPS 01- UPS A330-200F KBUR-KSDF @Aceorbit (UPS 5230)
UPS 02- FedEx DC-10 KBUR-KMEM @Playr_Mar (FedEx 81)

General Aviation (FULL)

GA 01- C208 @2003iggy ( Z-IGGY)

How can I request a gate?
Now what?
You wait for the date! Mark your calendar for a realistic event like now other!

Don’t miss out!


Wish I could participate, but I am not expert just yet

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ALL GATES ARE OPEN FOR SERVICE! Please comment gate and callsign! Thanks!

Go to New York add for me

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Alright you’re in! Can I get a callsign? Thanks!

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Hehe! I want to join. Hopefully I’m available that day.

Callsign would be Southwest 1710. I think you know where I want to go 😉

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Alright 😂! lol ur are good to go!

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What a coincidence. This is the closest airport that has commercial service too me, next would be KLAX. I’d love to sign up for this event.

I’ll be flying as Alaska (skywest) 3497, to Portland International Airport (KPDX).

Gate B4.

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Hiboac add to my name

Alright! Your in! Thanks for signing up!

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Is that your callsign?

Yes my callsign IF playing

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Ok thanks! Your in! 😀

I’ll take gate B1

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Alright you’re set for takeoff

Please add me to gate B3, United 737-800, callsign United 41

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I’ll take a gate.
Callsign: UPS 5230
Airline: UPS (UPSVA)
Gate: UPS 01

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Both of y U are in! Welcome

I’ll take gate B5, callsign Alaskan 55 please

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