[Completed, Thank You Everybody!] The Tokyo Mega-Event: Hosted By The Regulars @ RJAA & RJTT - 251800ZAPR20

Hey! Sounds like a great event! Can I get this one for Wave 1 (Haneda):

And this one from Wave 2? (Narita):

First flight is short enough where I can make the 2nd Narita wave. Thanks!

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I’d love to have this gate for wave 3 please

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Witch airport @Lucas_Piedra

That’s Narita.

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can I have Gate 202 for Wave 1

What airport?

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RJAA sorry

wave one BA to EGLL please!

@oneworldqatar guessing RJAA / Narita, since Wave 1 on Haneda is taken?

@Devon_Mo_piedmont114 I’ll sign you up!

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yep, apologies, thank you!

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Oh wow committees fit true airport!!

I’ll take Wave 2 please
Or Wave 1 so I can tag along with Noah

Wave 2 because there is no spare unfortunately!

I’ll sign you up!

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Can y’all by chance modify a gate? I would like to fly DL120 to MSP which will be operated by the A350 starting the 28th of March, but I don’t see it up there.

If you would like that gate sure we can, could you tell us to what airport it will be operating?

Ah sorry forgot that ha ha. DL120 is RJTT - KMSP. It usually operates from gates 141 or 143 if you care about that as well.

Sure, would you like to fly that route? If so, what wave?

Can I get wave 3 if possible, and yes I would like to fly that one.

Great, cya there

Just signed myself up for Haneda Terminal 3, Gate 107.

こんにちは!私は日本人IFATCです。素晴らしいイベントを企画してくれてありがとうございます!IFATCとして全力でこのイベントをサポートしていきます!Have a nice flight everyone!

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