[COMPLETED] Tenerife Flyout @ GCXO - GCTS - 291800ZFEB20

Tenerife Flyout!


Welcome to Tenerife, Both Airports!

North Airport - Los Rodeos

Hosted by @TRDubh


Tenerife Los Rodeos is the second largest airport on the Island of Tenerife, this airport has been home to the world’s largest aviation incident where two 747s collided on the runway with low visibility. In light of that incident, this airport will be retro-style with only older aircraft allowed.

Departure Procedures / SIDs

Takeoff Runway 12

Fly runway heading until at or above 5000’ to deconflict with traffic from Reina Sofia. Your SID options are the following:


NORTE1 Notes

Must be above 8,000ft MSL at THAIS. North/East departure only.


NORTE2 Notes

South/East departures only. If you must return to Tenerife, please divert to GCTS and taxi to GA Ramps (use diagram as reference)


NORTE 3 Notes

Must be above 6,000ft MSL at TFS VOR.

Takeoff Runway 30


NORTE4 Notes

Must continue west, if not, use NORTE 5.

NORTE5: GCXO-FD116-D292J-D023J-see notes

NORTE5 Notes

After D023J, you must go to D041R if continuing north. If continuing south, fly to D050R-D082R or D081U


Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
Gate 01 Amsterdam EHAM KLM 747-200 @Islanderpilot123
Gate 02 Empty Empty Available
Gate 03 New York KJFK PAN-AM 747-200 @Torontotourscanada
Gate 04 Empty Empty Available
Gate 05 Rome LIRF Altialia MD-11 Available
Gate 06 Madrid LEMD Iberia 747-200 @Wookie1
Gate 07 Barcelona LEBL A320 @CaptainRR1
Gate 08 Las Palmas GCLP C208 Available
Gate 09 Madeira LPMA Quantam Air 717 Available
Gate 10 Empty Empty Available
Gate 11 Barcelona LEBL Spanair 717-200 Available
Gate 12 Paris LFPG Air France DC-10 @The_Real_Plane_Spott

Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
Gate T1 Empty Empty Available
Gate T2 Empty Empty Available
Gate T3 Stockholm ESSA SAS 737-700 Available
Gate T4 Helsinki EFHK Generic MD-11 Available
Gate T5 Empty Empty Available
Gate T6 Empty Empty Available

Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
Gate N1 Berlin EDDT Air Berlin 737-700 Available
Gate N2 Column 2 Empty Available
Gate N3 Column 2 Empty Available
Gate N4 Column 2 Empty Available
Gate N5 Column 2 Empty Available
Gate N6 Column 2 Empty Available

Remote Aprons
Apron Destination Aircraft Pilot
Apron 13 Empty Empty Available
Apron 14 Empty Empty Available
Apron 15 Empty Empty Available
Apron 16 Empty Empty Available
Apron 17 Empty Empty Available
Apron 18 Empty Empty Available

GA Aprons
Apron Destination Aircraft Pilot
Apron 01 Undisclosed Cessna 172 @TRDubh
Apron 02 Undisclosed Cessna 172 Reserved
Apron 03 VFR GA ONLY Available
Apron 04 VFR GA ONLY Available
Apron 05 VFR GA ONLY Available

South Airport - Reina Sofia

Hosted by @Tsumia


Tenerife Reina Sofia is the larger airport in Tenerife, this airport handles 11 million passengers a year and connects Tenerife to destinations outside of Europe. The theme of this Airport is showing the new side of Tenerife, following real-world flights.

Airport Chart

to see the arrival procedures, click here.

Departure Procedures / SIDs

Takeoff Runway 07


SOFIA1 Notes

Must be flying to Africa


SOFIA2 Notes

Maintain Visual Separation from traffic on the NORTE1 Departure


SOFIA3 Notes


Departure Runway 25


SOFIA 4 Notes



SOFIA5 Notes



Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
Gate E13 Dublin EIDW Aer Lingus A320 @Culifornio
Gate E21 Alicante LEAL Air Europa E195 Available
Gate E22 Manchester EGCC Air Europa E195 Available
Gate E23 Paris-Orly LFPO Air Europa E195 Available
Gate E24 Santiago LEST Air Europa E195 Available
Gate E25 Asturias LEAS Air Europa E195 Available
Gate E26 Bilbao LEBB Air Europa E195 Available
Gate E27 Valencia LEVC Air Europa E195 Available
Gate E28 Vienna LOWW Austrian A321 Available
Gate E29 Luxembourg ELLX Luxair 737-700 Available
Gate E30 London EGKK British Airways A320 @ButterAllDay
Gate E31 Brussels EBBR Brussels A319 Available
Gate E32 Dusseldorf EDDL Thomas Cook A321 Available
Gate E33 Frankfurt EDDF Thomas Cook A321 Available

Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
Gate F01 Hamburg EDDH Thomas Cook A321 Available
Gate F02 Munich EDDM Thomas Cook A321 Available
Gate F03 London EGKK Thomas Cook A321 @APH71
Gate F04 Paris-Orly EGGW EasyJet A320 Available
Gate F05 Milan LIMC EasyJet A320 Available
Gate F06 Nice LFMN EasyJet A320 Available
Gate F07 Berlin EDDB EasyJet A320 Available
Gate F08 Lyon LFLL EasyJet A320 Available

Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
Gate H02 Newcastle EGNT Ryanair 737-800 Available
Gate H03 London EGKK Norweigan 737-800 Available
Gate H04 Malaga LEMG Norweigan 737-800 Available
Gate H05 Madrid LEMD Iberia A321 @SahyaQFFlyer
Gate H10 London EGSS Ryanair 737 Available
Gate H14 Barcelona LEBL Ryanair 737 Available
Gate H15 London EGLL British Airways 777-300ER @iiExTReME
Gate H18 Munich EDDM Lufthansa A330 @Infinite_Qantas
Gate H19 Manchester EGCC Tui 787-8 @Dreadjack888
Gate H20 Helsinki EFHK Finnair A350 @CptCalvin437

Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
Gate I01 Vienna LOWW Wizz A320 Available
Gate I06 Bucharest LROP Wizz A320 @Alexian61
Gate I07 London EGGW Wizz A321 Available
Gate I08 Warsaw EPWA Wizz A321 Available
Gate I09 Rome LIRF Vueling A320 Available
Gate I10 Paris LFPO TUIFly 737-800 Available
Gate I11 Moscow UUDD S7 A319 Available

Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
Gate J12 Cardiff EGFF TUI 737-800 @Zak_Plant
Gate J34 London Gatwick EGKK TUI 737-800 @Polski
Gate J35 Liège EBLG TUIFly 737-800 Available
Gate J36 Amsterdam EHAM TUIFly 737-800 @Roubsan

Event Details:

Time and Date: 2020-02-29T18:00:00Z
Server: Expert
Airports: GCXO - GCTS

Notams and Infomation:

  • There is only one runway at both airports, as IFATC Partnership is unlikely, please be mindful of traffic and use unicom professionally.
  • Runways in use:
    South: Runway 23
    North: TBD

Event Coordinators

These are the people to contact if you need help with anything. If you wish to join this list, please contact me.

Manager: @TRDubh
Assistant Host: @Tsumia

If you wish to join the hosting team, you can apply here.

Virtual Airline Partnership

One of the most important aspects of an event is VA partnership, we are very thankful to any Virtual Airline who shows interest in our event. If you want to be an event partner, you can apply here.

Partnered Airlines



Could I take the British Airways flight but in an A320? Thanks!

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@ButterAllDay Absolutely! You will be departing out of Gate E30 in an A320-200 to London Gatwick. See you there!


Hosting Announcement

I will host the North Airport and @Tsumia will host the South Airport. There is also an opening for a standby host if you are interested.

Ill take that gate please

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You got it! See you there!

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I’ve decided to take the Iberia 747-200 to Madrid next month. Sign me up.

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Are the KLM B742 and the Pan-Am B742 gonna chrash or not?😅

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I mean, maybe.


@Wookie1 You have signed up and will depart from Gate 06 at the North Airport, see you there.


This one please,
This is the South Airport :)


Sounds Good, I’ll see you there!


@iiExTReME You’ve been signed up as a 777W to EGLL. See you there!


Thanks bro! See you there too!

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Sponsorship Announcement

Thank you to TuiVirtual for sponsoring this event. If you want to join TuiVirtual, you can join here!

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Can I take an Wizz A320 flight from Tenerife South but to LROP (Bucharest Otopeni)?

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Hey @Alexian61! Very sorry for the late reply, that gate is all yours!

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It’s ok. Don’t worry. Thanks for adding me ;)

One Month to Go!

We are now entering February, the month of the event! If you are looking for some hot new routes, you should check out the following gates;

North Airport

KJFK - Pan Am 742

LIRF - Alitalia MD-11

LEBL - Spaniar 712

South Airport

EBBR - Brussels A319

EGNT - Ryanair 738

UUDD - S7 A319

Can I change my gate to the Brussels Airlines one?