[Completed] TBM Landing Competition Event @ KOSH - 011800ZAUG19 | Powered By IFGAC & IFCAS

Community TBM Landing Competition Event

Event Details

Server - Casual Server

Aircraft - TBM930

Departure Airport - Oshkosh-Wittman Regional Airport [KOSH]

Departure Time - 1800Z Thursday, August 1, 2019 6:00 PM

Projected Flight Time - 20 Minutes [20MIN]

Arrival Airport - Oshkosh-Wittman Regional Airport [KOSH]

Flight Details

Follow The Leader to Oshkosh in a pattern. Space yourself out
Copy rough FPL During Event

Cruising Altitude - 4,000ft

Cruising Speed - 160knts KIAS

Competition Details

  1. This competition will be scored off of smoothness (including flare), centerline, and touchdown zone. An extra 5 points will be awarded to those who utilize Unicom correctly and fly professionally.

  2. You may dispute the results if you believe that you should have received a higher score. I will be the sole judge but both me (judge) and you (Pilot) have a replay function to use. If you win your dispute, you will be regraded by a council of people (3 total - including me) and those scores will be added up and divided by 3 to find the average score.

  3. The landing spot will be on the touchdown zone block on Runway 36 and that will be a perfect 10 points for landing. Your score will decrease the further away from that block you touchdown at.

  4. You are allowed 1 go around

  5. You only get one try (with a go around available)

  6. Winner will receive bragging rights and nothing more

Departure Parking @ KOSH

Reserving a spot is open to ALL Pilots of the Infinite Flight Community!
Spawn by runway 36

Attendee Callsign
@Balloonchaser Balloonchaser
@Louie LOU13
@Altaria55 ALT55

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Spot number 2 plz

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Roger you are signed up! :)

Sign me up :$

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Roger! You’re Signed up! :$

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Event Begins In 10 Minutes

Sign me up! Damn, I’m just on time.

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Roger. Spawn in :)

I’m coming along as well!!

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Roger! You are signed up

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Take off from Runway 36 and enter right downwind. Once everyone is in the air… You may begin coming in for landing. See Instructions in main post…

Please keep spacing

^ @rockpapernuke


On final go 120knts and it’s pilots discretion

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Awesome job guys. I’m scoring right now and will be out with results later. Thanks everyone for coming out!

Airshow is later tonight! Come stop on by:


Sign me up please 😊

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@LuckyRc Welcome to the community. Unfortunately the event finished already.

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