{COMPLETED}Taste the Rainbow (Spawn in only) @ PHTO - 100000ZDEC18


Crew shows. Gonna have to ghost him for being late…




cough (casual server) cough


Make sure you guys get some sweet screenshots. This looks amazing.


No u



Looks good guys. Other people are starting to interrupt - Share screenshots here and here. make sure to tag Deer and everyone else ;)


I’ve got my screenshots. Thanks folks. This looked awesome.


Great Event 😂

Thanks for hosting it :)


Click for full resolution

Really shows how good of a job Infinite Flight has done! Each and every aircraft in these pictures look awesome!


Time to post some screenshots!


Ha mr interrupting
our photo shoot has 400 violations


these are my best; taken on an iPhone 8


How dare you crop me out.


Taken on device memory is low


Guess this applies to you too @AdamCallow :P


✨Spectacular ✨


I never saw the my air :/


Awesome work guys. And Deercrusher it’s refreshing to see an event that’s different and creative for a change. It sure did result in amazing screenshots 😉


And to think, this came from a silly idea we had back in beta, simply stunning.


Yeah. For those who weren’t aware that’s where this idea originated from. I guess we ran out of time, or didn’t have the time to organize something then. Figured it would be easier once launched.

Adam, Tennessee One (Southwest Airlines) would be a better red aircraft than the CRJ.