{COMPLETED}Taste the Rainbow (Spawn in only) @ PHTO - 100000ZDEC18

Server: Casual

Airport: PHTO

Time: 0000Z December 10, 2018 12:00 AM (Spawn in about 5 mins prior to start time. Estimate about 5-10 mins for folks to get their photos.)

NOTAM: The goal of this event is to get a few screenshots of the listed aircraft below. With the addition of a few of the liveries to the 737 in update 18.6, we now have all of the colors of the rainbow. And what better place to take this screenshot in the beautiful “Aloha State” of Hawaii .

Helpful Tip:

Make sure to Hide Airplane Names, Airplane Dots, and Airport Names if you have those items turned on. This will improve your device performance and will allow more aircraft to load in on your screen and it will help produce better looking screenshots that you can share here! 📸

Color Airline Aircraft Type Gate Pilot
Red MyAir CRJ-1000 Gate 09 @Balloonchaser
Orange Mango 737-800 Gate 08 @Transport_Hub
Yellow *TUIFly / Spirit Airlines 737-800 / A321 Gate 07 @Brandon_K
Green Kulula 737-800 Gate 06 @DeerCrusher
Blue *TUI / Thomson 737-800 Gate 05 @Evan
Pink Peach A320 Gate 04 @Corgi
Pink/Purple Alaska Airlines - Virgin 737-900 Gate 03 @Darius_Glover
Purple WOW A320 Gate 02 @AdamCallow

*If you selected aircraft yellow or blue, you have your choice of aircraft/livery as listed in table

If you’re interested in joining, simply let me know which color and I’ll add your name to the table above. This should be fun and I look forward to seeing some familiar and not so familiar faces there! 😁


Sign me up thx :)

What color Mr. Crash?


Blue of course, I wanna be next to you :P

I’d love to join! Sign me up for Orange.

I’ll take pink!


I just had someone from IFATC reserve that right as you replied. Have another color?


I’ll take Gate 2

Any color will do

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You get gate 09. The Christmas plane. 😬

This, Balloon, is Darwin’s Theory. Survival of the Fittest. 😂

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So are the Gates taken? lol

Shut up Pranav


Gates are full. If anyone cannot make it, let me know as soon as possible so I can get someone else on the list. Thanks and see you there!


Looks like he’s been bad this year…

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Corgi likes taste of rainbow

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And just as a heads up, the event is in 22hrs from now. I had the date incorrect.


Like this screenshot preview?


Full in 15 minutes 😂

Yeah! But hold off on the screenshots for now until we get everyone lined up tomorrow.