[Completed | Success] 40,000 IFC Members Landing Competition | Milestone Event @ LFBO - 281400ZOCT17

40,000 IFC Members Landing Competition


Server: Expert [Global]
Airport: LFBO
Date: Saturday, October 28th, 2017
Time: 1400Z [10:00 AM EST, 6:00 AM PST]

Aircraft: Airbus A380 [Any Livery]

Weight Restrictions:
• 5 Passengers [Around 5]
• 0 Cargo
• 100,000 lbs of Fuel

How You Will Be Graded:
You will be graded on 5 Things. (Everything is out of 10)
• How Center You Are [10 Points]
• Your Flare [10 Points]
• How Well You Touchdown [10 Points]
• Your Overall Appearance [10 Points]
• How You Listen To ATC [Easy 10 Points]

This will be added up for a total score [Divided by 5]

NOTAM: Please spawn in at Airbus’s Headquarters at the “Airbus South Parking’s” for a fun memorable landing competition! After we spawn in we will taxi to runway 32L/14R and request takeoff to remain in the pattern. After IFATC has cleared you; you will takeoff and contact approach. From there, Approach will put you in a holding pattern untill everyone has taken off (Or atleast most have) and then you will be sent back in to land on Runway 32L/14R. After you land, please taxi back to the gates and watch the other landings and at the very end participate in an IFC Screenshot Session :P

Can you believe that we have already hit 40,000 IFC Members (Some arent with us anymore)… But still!!! 40,000 Members…

Pilots Attending:

South Parking B03: United_Airlines
South Parking B05: NERMAL
South Parking B07: @PixelToast
South Parking B09: @Boeing747-8
South Parking B11: @B747Fan
South Parking B13: @A_Plane_Guy
South Parking B15: Miko99x
South Parking B17: @Luke
South Parking B19: @J9J9T
[More Gates Available]


Balloonchaser - LFBO Tower/Ground

40,000 Members Topic:

Hope to see you there!
~ IFATC Jack


I really wish I got in Expert server soon.


Would love to but a bit late for me.

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Would go, but 4,000 xp to go from expert. 😭


This is super early for me but I’ll try to make it.

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@kronos That can be achieved easily with good pattern work.

@PixelToast @Qantas737guy - Alright! Hope to possibly see you there, and have a great sleep! :)


But I don’t want to spend a ton of time doing patterns, just like one 4K xp flight

Would love to attend but my subscription ends today :(


I’ll join! Although it’s a bit early for me so I can’t guarantee I’ll make it.


I might come to the event 🙃

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I will come, Sign me up

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Roger! Welcome aboard

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Event starts in 2 Hours and 30 Minutes! :)

Please spawn in 5 minutes before so we can taxi to the runway at the start time!

Is it too late to join?

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No it is not to late! Would you like a spot?

Yes please! Are there any weight restrictions?

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I also would like a gate please

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Oh man!! I’d love to have a gate please!


sign me up please :)

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@A_Plane_Guy - Yes There Are. South Parking B13 is yours! See Ya there and Best of Luck!

@miko99x - Roger, South Parking B15 is all yours! Good Luck!

@Luke - Alrighty! South Parking B17 is yours! Best of Luck!

@J9J9T - You Bet! South Parking B19 is yours! Good Luck!