[Completed] Stunning Saturdays! | Vol. 1 @ YBBN - 090900ZMAY20

Welcome to my Stunning Saturday event series! This series is intended to go around the world searching for the most Stunning locations! This series was made so we can All have fun and explore new stunning locations!
This series is intended to have a single route for each and every event!
I hope that you will have fun, and without further to do, I introduce you to our second stunning location… The beautiful

Great Barrier Reef!

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands stretching for over 2,300 kilometres (1,400 mi) over an area of approximately 344,400 square kilometres (133,000 sq mi).The reef is located in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland, Australia. The Great Barrier Reef can be seen from outer space and is the world’s biggest single structure made by living organisms.This reef structure is composed of and built by billions of tiny organisms, known as coraI polyps. It supports a wide diversity of life and was selected as a World Heritage Site in 1981. CNN labelled it one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Fun Facts

  • The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system in the world.

  • It is found in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

  • The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest living structure.

  • It is made up of around 2900 individual reefs and 900 islands.

  • The Great Barrier Reef is around 2600 kilometres (1616 miles) in length.

  • Astronauts can see the Great Barrier Reef from space.

  • Marine animals called coral play an important role in the formation of the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Coral create calcium carbonate which forms a hard, shell-like skeleton.

  • The Great Barrier Reef is home to a wide range of life, including fish, sea turtles, giant clam, seahorse, sea snakes, nudibranch, sea turtles, stingray, sharks and many more.

  • Over 1500 different species of fish live in the Great Barrier Reef, including clownfish, star of the animated film Finding Nemo.

  • Whales, dolphins and dugong can also be seen in the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Climate change is perhaps the biggest threat to the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Warmer ocean temperatures put stress on coral and lead to coral bleaching.

  • The Great Barrier Reef is a popular tourist destination with around 2 million visitors every year.

Event Details

Server: Expert Server

Aircraft: Qantas Airlines B717 | B738

Spawn time at YBBN: 2020-05-09T08:45:00Z
Takeoff time at YBBN: 2020-05-09T09:00:00Z

Approx. Flight time: ~ 2:00
Speed and Altitude: M0.78 @ FL300

Route: Brisbane (YBBN) ✈︎ Townsville (YBTL)

Notice to Air Men:

  • This event is open to all IFC members.

  • Attendees are asked to spawn in at least in 10-15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

  • Pilots are expected to conduct themselves professionally at all times

  • All guests are asked to use the flight plans provided in the Event details section of this thread in order to ensure proper spacing and maximize realism.

  • Prior to spawning in, please be sure to double-check your assigned gate

  • We are not responsible about ghosts and violations.

  • Maximum taxi speed on the ground is 20kts on straightaways, 12kts on turns.

  • Contact @Mstical if you have any issues or doubts.

  • Most importantly, have fun during the event and enjoy your flight!


YBBN Gates
Gate Attendee Callsign Aircraft
Gate 01A @Josh QVG1 B738
Gate 01B @TimR QVG6 B717
Gate 01C @Toby172 QVG424 B738
Gate 03 @Thomas QVG588 B738
Gate 04 @Riley_Bozina QVG543 B738
Gate 05 @Liam06 QVG38 B738
Gate 06 @QVGVxnsh58 QVG… -
Gate 16 @Finn_S_QFA535 QVG535 B738
Gate 17 @QVG-Crunch QVG12 B738
Gate 18 Reserved for QVG
Gate 19 Reserved for QVG
Gate 20 Reserved for QVG
Gate 21 Reserved for QVG
Gate 22 Reserved for QVG
Gate 23 Reserved for QVG
Gate 24 @Jacklcsm QF7879 B717
Gate 25 @Louis Qantas24 B738
Gate 26
Gate 27
Gate 28
Gate 29
Gate 30
Gate 31
Gate 32
Gate 38
Gate 39
Gate 40

Note: More gates will be added if needed.


Qantas Virtual are partnering with this event!

As Australia’s Leading Virtual Airline, we love to support our Australian Aviation community by working together to create high-quality, enjoyable events.

Thanks for @TimR and for @Josh for the tremendous help in getting this event organized and planned and for the partnership with QVG, amazing work guys!

To sign up, please leave your Gate, Call sign, Aircraft, and your favorite Sport! ⚽

See You There Folks!


I’d love a gate thanks! Looking forward to it :)

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Thanks for signing up!

What’s your callsign?
And which aircraft do you prefer? @Josh

I’ll be flying QVG1 in the B738 thanks :)

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Thanks for signing up Josh!

I’ll grab a gate up the in the B717. Callsign QVG6

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You’re signed up!

Thanks for signing up @TimR 😃

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Do I need to sign up as I would like to be there but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to. Is it possible to just turn up?

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That’ll be ok, just try your best to attend! @Liam06.

Sounds fun! Could I please grab a gate? I’m a QVG pilot, My callsign will be QVG424. Cheers!
Edit: forgot to add aircraft and sport. My aircraft will be the 737, and my favourite sport is Rugby Union :)

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Your preferred aircraft @Toby172?

Fixed now :)

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Could I grab a gate in the 738 as QVG588

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Gate 24 @Jacklcsm QF7879 Boeing 717

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Can I get this gate with callsign QVG543, aircraft B738 ;)

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Forgot about this.
Favourite sport has gotta be the great game of Aussie Rules Football (AFL)


Yes I will be able to attend. I will fly the B738. Callsign: QVG38.
My favorite sport is AFL. I dont mind what gate i get. I just don’t want to be far away from anyone else.

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Actually, I’d like gate 06 if possible. Thanks

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Book me in plz!

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I’ll take any QVG gate
Callsign: QVG535
Aircraft: B738

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