[Completed] Stockholm Arlanda Fly Out! @ ESSA - 161900ZFEB19

Hello everyone and welcome to the very first event of mine! On the 16th of February, we will be flying out of Stockholm Arlanda airport to various destinations in the Middle East, America but mostly in Europe. Gates, aircrafts, liveries and any other important information is stated below.

Server: Training

Airport: ESSA


NOTAMS: Be realistic, follow ATC or use Unicom properly and give way to aircraft. Please also spawn in 10-15 mins early to take screenshots. I will put the weather and visibility conditions here a few hours prior on the day of the event.

For this event we will be using Terminal 5, the international terminal at Arlanda airport. There are many carriers flying many routes from Terminal 5 and we won’t fit all of them. Fuel, flight plan, payload is completely up to you, I would recommend Simbrief for flight planning.

Also, we will have ATC for this event! @FLARE911 will be performing as ground and tower.

  • Thai Airways

  • Emirates

  • Scandinavian Airlines

  • Norwegian

  • British Airways

  • Aer Lingus

  • EasyJet

  • Lufthansa

  • WOW

  • Air France

  • KLM

  • Air India

  • Swiss

  • TUI

  • TUIFly

  • Air Baltic

  • Lufthansa Citylines

  • Thomson

  • Eurowings

  • TAP

  • Finnair

Gates, routes, aircrafts and liveries

T5 Gate 1: Norwegian 737-800 to EGKK = Me, @ftube, Callsign: N8FM
T5 Gate 3: Aer Lingus A321 to EIDW = @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
T5 Gate 5: Finnair A321 to EFHK = @FrankieFremont
T5 Gate 7: Norwegian 787-9 to KFLL = @Oli5
T5 Gate 9: SAS A319 (retro livery) to ENGM = @Jens_Severin
T5 Gate 10: SAS A319 (retro livery) to LIRF = @Eriel_Gonzalez
T5 Gate 8: Emirates 777-300ER to OMDB = @Khalil_Rammal
T5 Gate 6: SAS CRJ900 to EKYT = @FINNWINGS
T5 Gate 4: EasyJet A319 to EGGD = @15shawo
T5 Gate 12: EasyJet A320 to EGGD = @travelingcornstalk
T5 Gate 14: Anything up to a A321 or B739
T5 Gate 16: Anything up to a A321 or B739

Please mark down below here what you think so far. It is my first event so I would like to know where I stand. Also, comment down below if you have any suggestions on what I can improve on.

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Hey I’m from SAS Virtual, we’ll definitely be coming!


Hello there! I love Sweden and I am interested on taking part of this event. I am an Irish man, and have not flown to Ireland yet, so T5 Gate 6 for me please. I’ll fly the Aer Lingus. I am looking forward 🇸🇪

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Thank you! Just let me know which gates you would like and how many. There are 19 more gates available so there’s no shortage.

Gate 6 is all yours. Thank you for participating!

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All the gates are now filled out with various destinations, aircraft and airlines.

I’ll take T5 Gate 13.

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I’ll take T5 Gate 7!

Alright, thanks for participating!

Gate 7 is yours, thanks!

May I take gate F39L to LIRF?

Absolutely, gate F39L is all yours, enjoy!

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I’ve got 2 SAS pilots taking gates
39L @Eriel_Gonzalez

Gate 39L is taken, I will swap one of the other SAS gates to the same aircraft, livery and destination.

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Okay thanks

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No worries

@Eriel_Gonzalez has gate F35 and @FINNWINGS has gate F32L

I’ll be flying to ENGM, SAS (since I am SAS Virtual) can I gat a gate?

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Of course, gate F31 is yours! You’ll be flying there in an Airbus A320.

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Is it possible to change it to the retro a319? Since it is a very nice aircraft

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