[Completed] St. Maarten Flyout! @ TNCM - 171900ZJUL19

Server: Expert

Airport: TNCM

Time: 2019-07-17T18:00:00Z

Hello everyone!
I’m here to attempt my first event, a TNCM flyout! Although there are limited gates, I hope to show the diversity of TNCM through this event.

About TNCM Airport
Serving 26 passenger airlines and over 50 destinations around the US, Europe, and Central America, Princess Juliana Airport connects the Caribbean to a large portion of the world!
TNCM’s singular runway (10/28) is 7,553 feet long and 147 feet wide.


Please be familiar with the TNCM departure procedure. All aircraft must make the right turn shortly after takeoff in order to avoid terrain
You can watch this takeoff in action here

I am not responsible for any violations that may be obtained during this event.

The generic TBM-930 will replace Winairs Twin Otter shuttle routes.

The Zan Air Cessna 208 will replace St Barth Commuters Cessna 208.

The Air France 787-10 will replace the Air France A340.

Reserving a Corporate ramp allows you to fly any route with any aircraft using a Generic, Corporate, or Infinite Flight Livery. You can not reserve a corporate ramp spot and fly an airline flight.

Due to the limited amounts of gates, there will be multiple flights assigned to a gate. As aircraft pushback, new aircraft will spawn in at the now empty gate. Spawn in the listed order

Gate Assignments

Airline Flights

Airline Flights (Only 4 spots left!)
Airline Aircraft Destination Gate Attendant
KLM 747-400 Amsterdam (EHAM) A01
Air France 787-10 Paris (LFPG) A02
Delta 757-200 New York (KJFK) A03
Delta 737-800 Atlanta (KATL) A03 @Guxk
American Airlines 737-800 Miami (KMIA) A04
American Airlines 737-800 Charlotte (KCLT) A04 @Luke_Sta
Caribbean Airlines 737-800 Kingston (MKJP) B01 @Charter
Caribbean Airlines 737-800 Port of Spain (TTPP) B01
JetBlue A320 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) B02 @TheFlyingGuy1
JetBlue A320 New York (KJFK) B02 @Matthew_20204
United 737-700 Newark (KEWR) B03
Spirit A321 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) B04
Copa Airlines 737-800 Panama City (MPTO) B05 @Armani_B
WestJet 737-700 Toronto (CYYZ) B05

If your flight has the same gate as the flight listed above you, plane to spawn 5-10 minutes after the event starting time, allowing time for people to pushback and clear up the gate.

Island Hopping Cargo Flights
Airline Aircraft Destination Gate Attendant
Fedex Cessna 208 San Juan (TJSJ) GA West Stand 09 @A350iscool
Fedex Cessna 208 San Juan (TJSJ) GA West Stand 08
Fedex Cessna 208 Pointe-A-Pitre (TFFR) GA West Stand 07
DHL Cessna 208 San Juan (TJSJ) GA West Stand 03
DHL Cessna 208 San Juan (TJSJ) GA West Stand 02
DHL Cessna 208 St Croix (TISX) GA West Stand 01
Island Hopping Commuter Flights
Airline Aircraft Destination Gate Attendant
Winair TBM-930 St Barthelemy (TFFJ) Gate C12 @Aceorbit
Winair TBM-930 Saba (TNCS) Gate C11 @Sashaz55
Winair TBM-930 Antigua (TAPA) Gate C01
Winair TBM-930 Nevis (TKPN) Gate C02
St Barths Commuter Cessna 208 St Barthelemy (TFFJ) Gate C03
St Barths Commuter Cessna 208 St Barthelemy (TFFJ) Gate C04 @Plane-Train-TV
**Please remember!
The generic TBM-930 will replace Winairs Twin Otter shuttle routes.
The Zan Air Cessna 208 will replace St Barth Commuters Cessna 208.**

General Aviation Ramps
Using these ramps gives you the freedom to travel around the world. Explore new places, and enjoy the freedom of corporate and GA flying!

C Ramp

Largest Aircraft Allowed: CRJ-900
If you are planning on using a propeller aircraft, please consider selecting a gate from the E or F ramp, to allow those who wish to fly jet routes to get an appropriate spot.

Aircraft Destination Gate Attendant
CRJ-900 Cyril E King (TIST) Gate C05 @Don_King
Cessna Citation Punta Cana (MDPC) Gate C06 @Sebastian9915
Cessna Citation Punta Cana (MDPC) Gate C07 @MDoor
TBM-930 St. Kitts Gate C08 @RyanR
Open Open Gate C09
Open Open Gate C10
E Ramp

Largest Aircraft allowed: CCX
Heavy Stand 8 can hold up to a 737BBJ

Aircraft Destination Gate Attendant
XCub Saba (TNCS) Stand E01 @Dylan_M
Open Open Stand E02
Open Open Stand E03
C172 Sint Eustatius(TNCE) Stand E04 @FLY_BOII31
Open Open Stand E05
Open Open Stand E06
Open Open Stand E07
Open Open Heavy Stand E08
Open Open Stand E09
F Ramp

Use this ramp to take you favorite propeller plane on a flight around the Caribbean!
The Largest allowed aircraft is the TBM-930

Aircraft Destination Gate Attendant
Open Open Stand F01
Open Open Stand F02
Open Open Stand F03
Open Open Stand F04
Open Open Stand F05
Open Open Stand F06
Open Open Stand F07
Open Open Stand F08
Open Open Stand F09
Open Open Stand F10
Open Open Stand F11
Open Open Stand F12
Open Open Stand F13
Open Open Stand F14
Open Open Stand F15
Open Open Stand F16

Spectator Spots

Spectator Ramp
Gate Attendant
Stand G01 Open
Stand G02 Open
Stand G03 Open
Stand G04 Open
Stand G05 Open
Stand G06 Open
Stand G017 Open

This is my first event in a very long time, so please let me know if you have any feedback! Make sure you understand the procedures when assigned as number 2 for a gate.
Hope to see many of you there!


I’ll take the spirit airlines to KFLL

Gate C4, PTV please.

i wont be able to join you guys at st maarten. I will be in oregon but i will take a rain check on another st maarten flyout . cheers
-infinite flyer 21

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C11 please and thanks!

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Gate B02 please

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A04 to Miami pls!

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I’ll take gate B03 to EWR! :)

I would do a quick hop down to TFFJ but the hill is to steep so it’s no fun.

@Will_A I’ll take the Delta 752 at AO3!

I’ll take B02

Gates B01 please. Caribbean Airlines 737-800 to Kingston (MKJP).

I’ll take B03 to KEWR. Thanks

@esant_15 already reserved that gate

@Matthew_20204, same for you. Your gate has also already been reserved :)

Ok, let me see what gate I’ll get then

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I’ll get fedex 208 to go to TJSJ GA west 09

Wow! Ok then, I fell asleep and woke up to this. I’ll get you all added in really quick.

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Might want to delete that

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I’ll take the 738 to KATL, thanks

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@Matthew_20204, I put you in the second flight for gate B02, as you signed up second. Let me know if you would like to change gates!