COMPLETED!!!![Sponsored by Plane and Pilot, 34 Attending, 15 spots left!!] Longest Flight in the World @WSSS - 292100ZJUL19

Yes I will, but it is unlikely

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This flight is 18 hrs, so it is now corrected. We will landing at 9:00am central.


The time transforms to your time. And your E24

Ok, sorry for the confusion. It’s 3:00pm Central to 9:00am Central. The time is approx.

Sounds fun but might be at my grandmas in Miami so I might not be able to join

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Do you want a gate for now @Capt_polska?

Sure ! Why not

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Great. T28 for you

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As Gates are going fast, I will be adding more gates as they fill up.

I might come. Also if the a350 is out, can we switch to that. I have done this before but I’m always willing to do it again. I’ll take a gate

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Again, the A350 release will most likely not come out before the event. If it does we’ll use it. Can we stop discussing it here though?

Ok, your D40 @Suhas_Jatla

I have made a mistake in the gates, so if I said you have a T gate it is a E gate. Sorry for the confusion

I’m happy to do it but if the a350 is added by then will we still be flying the 787-10


Again, look at the post above. We will use the A350 if it comes out in time. You can have Gate D41

Awesome thank you 😎

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I don’t think the 787-10 can fly for that long time.

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I sure wish you folks luck…
I won’t be joining, I’ll be in New York doing work. Have a nice flight, safe travels

Can I have a gate please

Yep, D42 for you

If you have the somewhat close amount of pax and cargo you should be able to fly it up to 330 then 350 and 390 would be the final alt so switching alts for better fuel would work