COMPLETED!!!![Sponsored by Plane and Pilot, 34 Attending, 15 spots left!!] Longest Flight in the World @WSSS - 292100ZJUL19

in less than 1 mounth

I will take E6 78X

I’ll take any gate with the 787-10 please! :)

Got ya @Alpha1Aviator and @Ryandyc

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I’ll take a gate.

What aircraft

Hey just wondering are the times of the flight GMT?

Can you put me in standby/idle? I have no idea if I’ll be able to attend (or at least land).

Ok, no prob.
@CaptainBenjamin the time converts.

Can I take d49 in the 78X

Yes, I might need to add more Gates.

I will take a gate with the 78X

Great, got ya

Bump. Common, let’s get it.

F38 A388 to KEWR

I’ll get you signed up

Sorry @BadPlane I just realized that another event I am attending will overlap with this one, so you can take my name off the list


Please change my aircraft to the 78X , this pitching behaviour of the 773 in cruise flight goes on my nervs ( up down up down …)

I take a gate plz

Can I get I gate please?
Is 78X 787? If it is I take it if it is not I take A380