[Completed] Southwest Effect fly In to Manchester @ KMHT 201830ZAPR19


Southwest is my favorite airline


And it’s something for me to do because I’m in a shelter


I don’t know who is going to get that last slot until it’s in


@joshua_morrissette thanks for joining!

All spots have now been taken! Thanks for joining everyone!


Not sure if I’ll be able to make it anymore… I’ll let you know for sure tomorrow.


I’ll depart at 11am EST so I can make it there around 2:30pm EST


I’m going to depart around 10:30am EDT


I headed to look at the estimated flight time in flight breaf so I know when to depart


I know in my home state Rhode Island we got Southwest Airlines one quarter of the terminal at tf green airport


Probably won’t be able to come. I have a track meet, sorry…


Sorry to hear that you won’t be able to make it. I’ve removed you from the list.

One spot has opened up! Come and claim the open spot today!


SWA834 for the last gate


@Rishon_R thanks for joining!


This event is now full! Event is in three days! If you wish to tag along, you may! I can fill custom spots as well if you wish to fly from another airport served by Southwest!

Hope to see you all at this weekends event!


I’d still like to fly to ManchVegas on Saturday, but from which SWA hub?


I can put you in as a secondary from any airport listed above, or you can fly from a custom airport served by Southwest


Roger, I’ll fly from Nashville to arrive around 230 lcl


Ready for this!


Event is Today! If you wish to tag along, you certainly can!

The first airplane to depart first will be @VegasAviation from LAS, then Me, and then @joshua_morrissette from DEN.

These flights from the west coast is around 4-5 hours each. They’ll each depart around 10am-10:30am to arrive in Manchester at 2:30pm


Awesome. I’ll depart KMCI around 1145 local to arrive at KMHT by 230pm. I’ll see you guys in the sky!