[Completed] Southwest Effect fly In to Manchester @ KMHT 201830ZAPR19


Four more spots remain! Event is in three weeks!

For those wishing to fly routes already taken, you can, I’ll just add another slot with your name on it


You can count me in and I’ll take KBNA. With call sign SWA 2612


Thanks for joining! Do you have access to Expert Server? Just wondering :)


Yes that’s affirmative


The event is only two weeks away, and we have plenty of spots open!

There are still some airports open to fly in from, choose one and you’ll be signed up!

New Time

Due to the original being at 1pm, I made an error, as the 1830Z hour for 1:30pm is actually for Eastern Standard Time, the real time is actually 2:30pm EDT arrival time

With that in mind, here are the new Arrival times:
2:30pm EDT
1:30pm CDT
12:30pm MDT
11:30am PDT


I’m sorry I won’t be able go attend due to unexpected other events.


Yeah two events changed dates in one single day surprisingly. 😕

But I can still take part on the two events featured on Saturday. I will take part on this event. 👍


I didn’t change the day, only the arrival time is all. @Aviation-21 I’ll remove you from the list, sorry to hear that


Oh yeah, not to just get confused I was talking about the two recent events that have just switched or changed dates unexpectedly just today. I wasn’t talking about your event. 😉


I’ll take KMCI as SWA312


Thanks for joining @zand3r!

We still have some spots open!


I’ll Come From Vegas ! Sign me up ;) SWA51


Thanks for joining the event! You have now been signed up :)


Ill come from FLL :)


Do you want a SWA Callsign?


Give me one second. Let me check the flightaware


Southwest 2128 Please :)


You’ve been signed up for the event!

We have one more spot left open!


I’ll take the last gate flight 316


Can I take the gate from kden?