[Completed] Southwest Effect fly In to Manchester @ KMHT 201830ZAPR19


Southwest 21 please.


@Aviation-21 @Kuba_Jaroszczyk You have now been entered to the Event, thanks for joining!

We now have FOUR spots remaining!


Is it possible I could also fly in from Chicago


are you sure want MDW?


Yes I am sure

The remaining destinations aren’t even flown by Southwest to MHT on April 20


It’s not supposed to by a real fly in for real flights, it’s supposed to be like a throwback to when they served those routes into Manchester, NH.


Well I want to be realistic, so I would want to come from Chicago


Southwest does do Seasonal Ft. Lauderdale flights into Manchester, just saying


That’s cool, but on April 20, it will not be in service

You know what, never mind. I won’t come to the event
Don’t add me


I’m sorry, It’s just an event. I can put you down for another MDW flight.


It’s fine, I changed my mind
Thanks though


Well if you do change your mind, it was only supposed to be a Fun event, let me know


What is the shortest route? This is 10:30 my time so I don’t know if it would be possible for me to attend even, but I can try


Sorry if I sound rude but I just realized I will be on Southwest irl on 4/20 XD


Shortest would be (if realistic) Baltimore-Washington and Chicago-Midway (around 1-2 hours both routes)


Oh. Anyways, I just realized I’ll be on a 12 hour flight to Copenhagen, so I won’t be able to attend. Sorry


Everyone is flying on that day 😂😂😂😭😭😭


@GlobalFlyer1, irl?

@Daniel_Cerritos watch for me posting about my flight on that day XD
(more like that night) it will be PDX-SJC on WN3585


Sorry :(

I won’t technically be flying that day, I’ll be departing the day before but since it is 12 hours (starts at 5:35 p.m. my time), so I don’t want to rush anything.

@BigBert10 Yes, in real life. I’ll be flying on the Scandinavian A343 from XXX! And you can expect a trip report from me too although it will come out the week after as it is an 8 day trip (Iceland, Denmark, and The Netherlands)


Don’t worry. Ik where you will come from ;)

But yeah, since we are both flying irl, we won’t be able to fly in IF