[Completed] Southwest Effect fly In to Manchester @ KMHT 201830ZAPR19

Server: Expert

Airport: KMHT

Time: 1830Z
2:30pm EDT
1:30pm CDT
12:30pm MDT
11:30am PDT

Date:April 20, 2019 - Saturday

NOTAM: Make sure to use only Southwest Airlines Aircraft! If you choose a Special Livery (Like Illinois One) no one else may take it for realism

Welcome to my first FLY IN event! Instead of a fly out, I thought I’d make an interesting fly in event where you fly in from originating Airports to a single airport destination.

In June 1998, Southwest Airline choose Manchester, NH as it’s new airport to fly into. This would allow fares to drop, in which was called “The Southwest Effect”.

Southwest Airlines offered services to Philadelphia, Orlando, Tampa, Baltimore, and Chicago-Midway.

They then expanded to other cities, such as Phoenix, Denver, Nashville, Kansas City, Las Vegas, and Ft. Lauderdale to name a few.

Today, Southwest is still the biggest Carrier in Manchester, NH, carrying more passengers than other carriers flying there. Unfortunately, we now have a fraction of destinations than what we originally had back in the day (due to Southwest’s decision to serve Boston).

Originating Airports

You will choose an airport to fly out of, and you will be able to fly to MHT in any Southwest Livery. Choose your starting airport

Pilot Origin Airport Aircraft Callsign
@Plane-Train-TV KMDW B737-700 SWA002
@joshua_morrissette KDEN B737-800 SWA003
@anon42527263 KLAS B737-800 SWA51
@Daniel_Cerritos KPHX B737-800 SWA214
@zand3r KMCI B737-700 SWA312
@Wllynch KBNA B737-700 SWA2612
@Kuba_Jaroszczyk KPHL B737-700 SWA312
@marquise_carter KBWI B737-800 SWA787
@Luke_Sta KTPA B737-800 SWA212
@Rishon_R KMCO B737-700 SWA834
@Kevinsoto1502 KFLL B737-800 SWA2128

Arriving Gate Information

Please take a look at the Gate arrival information below

MHT Gate arrivals

Southwest Airlines uses the following Gates:
Gates 11, 12, 14, 15, 15A

Southwest uses the following RON stands as well

Hope to see you in this first unique fly in event soon!


I’ll take this:) Call sign SWA007!

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Just so you know, you’ll be flying in from Orlando.

So like this: MCO-MHT

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Yeap I got it!

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hey can i please join my call sign is SWA787 and i take KBWI thank you

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Oh, I almost forgot to mention.

Flights such as from PHX, DEN, and LAS will be getting a head start, so as to try and arrive at the same time

This please. Thanks!
Callsign is SWA212

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I’ll fly from MDW. Unkown callsign. Thanks!

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Thanks for joining guys!

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I wish I could join but I’ll be on a Southwest flight at that time.

Sorry I’ll have to miss it

Is 18:30Z arrival or departure time?

Well this sounds interesting and I would love to fly with other people in the USA but I am riding with a bicycle through Germany in April

It would by the arrival time, as this event is a Fly-In event.

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I’ll have to coordinate how we can get the inbound flights from the Midwest to land at around 1:30pm or by at least 2:30

Get me a gate please! 😉

You can choose one, or I can pick a gate for you

Sorry for a little late response, I’ll choose the gate from KPHL ( Philadelphia ) , Callsign : SWA312. Thanks-

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Yeah that is what I thought anyway. Thanks

I’ll take the gate from KMCI please.

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Do you want a SWA callsign, or will you have no callsign?