[Completed] Sounds Air Virtual + The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | The Sound of New Zealand @ NZWB - 170000ZOCT19 | Powered By LiveFlight

@Sashaz55 @Helicopterzzz @MJhendo @HelloSkyMan @Recxx @Nicholas_Henry Spawn In

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@Kansas_Scotty also in.

Clear props! Follow me. Spawn in and join up :)


^ @Luca_Arrowsmith

im going 150 knots

Well lads… Lets work on this spacing, shall we? lol

can we go a little faster?

Go faster to get spacing… But maintain 150knts afterwards… The flight is only 12 minutes… lol

@Cheryl_Tunt - Can you slow to 150knts now?

thank you I hardly have any space

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Once we land, we will taxi over and stay for pictures :)

Make sure to use unicom!

This event is going really well!

Spacing in the front could be a tad better… But not complaining… :/

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You had one job to split the runway with me… lol

Short but sweet😍

Yes indeed! Beautiful views! Awesome flight <3

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Cheers for the flight lads!

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Great flight!

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Make sure to go into replay and take pictures and then share them <3

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