[Completed] Sounds Air Virtual Landing Comp @ NZNS - 032315ZMAR18

Server: Training

Region: Marlborough Sounds Region

Airport: NZNS

Time: 2315Z

NOTAM: After the recruiting of 4 pilots in our first event, Sounds Air Virtual will be hosting a second event! Come join us as we fly from NZWN (Wellington) to NZNS (Nelson) in Sound Air’s signature Cessna 208 Caravan. The landing in NZNS will be judged by @Jacob_Sim.

The Prizes for this event is as follows

The prize is only usable for those in Sounds Air Virtual and for those who join after the event. Of course you don’t have to be in the VA at all, you can just come along for fun.

1st Prize

30 Day and 30 Night Flight Minutes

2nd Prize

15 Day and 20 Night Flight Minutes

3rd Prize

10 Day and 15 Night Flight Minutes


GND: @Stef_Smet
TWR: @Stef_Smet

Judges NZNS


Gate Allocations NZWN

Gate 09S: @WardellStephenCurry (Leader)
Gate 08S: @Nashes
Gate 07N: @Etrain
Gate 06N: @Josh
Gate 05N: @anon57683537
Gate 04N:
Stand 03N:
Stand 02S:
Stand 01S:

Sign up to Sounds Air Virtual here


Hope you can join us in the Kiwi sky’s!


Put me in for the event please!

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I can probably join, put me on standby

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Sure, you are gate 09S and your callsign is Sounds Air 007

I’m probably going try even though I am terrible at landing Cessnas.

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Sure thing, your gate is 08S and your callsign is SDA 001

How long is the flight?

It is about 25 minutes

If only you could do this at SNP. (JK man. I just like teasing you about landings. Joel that will never go away. 😉)

Wow just why @Cbro4 😒

Looks fun to me! I’ll try my best to come :)

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Your gate is 07N and your callsign is SDA 002. See you there!

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I wish I could come, I have an event with tailwinds flying club sorry mate

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Is this on a Monday?
If it is I will have school so probably a no

How to make a succesful landing at NZNS, centre line and the touch down zone (the solid white lines as shown)

It is on a Sunday Aussie and Kiwi time

Okay I should be able to make it then

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Awesome, you gate is 06N and your callsign is Sounds Air 009. It will be held at 1015 on Sunday your time ;)


When is the event in est?

Sunday and in EST Time it would be 6:15 PM