[COMPLETED] @Skybear's TBM-930 World Tour Log

Davao de Sur (RPMD) to Guam (PGUM) Screenshots and Notes


Lots and lots of water. That will be my story for the next couple of legs of this journey. Took off successfully, landed successfully, and ocean as far as the eyes could see.


Approaching Guam under MVFR conditions. I’m off to Wake Island next.

Guam (PGUM) to Wake Island (PWAK)

Departure Arrival Dist Flight Time
PGUM PWAK 1330nm 4:35
Cruise Climb Descent Fuel
FL290@M0.53 170/40 2000fps 890kg Fuel Max (5h)
Planned Route via Skyvector Weather via Windy
PGUM BAGBE A450 HOPPY A450 FONUG A450 STINE A450DEWSS A450 JIMOS A450 NGUEN PWAK PGUM / RPMD / Small ~20kt headwind on the way. There is rain and a thunderstorm to the south of my route that seems to be traveling WSW of my route so I should be fine weather-wise.
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Good luck for this flight. Happy Birthday aswell 🎉🎉

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Thanks so much! I’m about 2 hours in atm.

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Guam (PGUM) to Wake Island (PWAK) Screenshots and Notes

High right crosswind for I believe what was RWY 10 at PGUM.

Nondescrip journey to Wake Island. Midway atoll is up next and that’s where I’ll have to decide wheather I’m hopping over to Hawaii to attempt a Hawaii to California jump in the TBM9 or if I’ll instead head North to the Alluetian Islands (which are within the TBM9s specified max range with 4 passengers.) I’ll be doing some more search when I hit AP for the next flight.

Wake Island (PWAK) to Midway Atoll (PMDY)

This is my first truly Direct (DCT) flight from one airport to the next. Small island to small island with 1000nm of ocean between them.

Departure Arrival Dist Flight Time
PWAK PMDY 1024nm 3:25
Cruise Climb Descent Fuel
FL290@M0.53 170/40 2000fps 697kg Fuel Max (4.25h)
Planned Route via Skyvector Weather via Windy
PWAK DCT PMDY PWAK / PMDY / Partly cloudy at PWAK but VFR conditions. Few clouds at PWAK but VFR conditions. 8kt crosswind at FL290.

Wake Island (PWAK) to Midway Atoll (PMDY) Screenshots and Notes

Flying towards my intercept point for RWY 24 at PMDY

I’ve arrived at Midway Atoll and now it’s decision time. The safe route is to fly towards the Aleutian Islands where I could intercept a Pacific Coast route from Alaska and down the coast. I would aim for PAAK which is approximately 1450nm north (within the TBM9’s range) and make my way back towards my home airport (KLEX) where I started this tour.

Option B, is to go ahead and fly on to Hawaii and land at Hilo International (PHTO). I’d then attempt the jump to Half Moon Bay (KHAF) that’s about 2004nm DCT away. There aren’t favorable winds for this jump forecasted for the next week. Definitely risky. Would definitely loose half a day worth of flying because I’d have to either back track to PMDY or continue waiting for favorable winds from PHTO to KHAF. If I do attempt the Hawaii-Cal jump, I’ll fly a third of the way, check fuel, winds etc, and then make a decision about whether I think it’s possible to finish the leg. If not, I’d turn back.

Turning onto final for RWY 24 at PMDY.

On final.


Wow u almost home

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Midway Atoll (PMDY) to Atka (PAAK)

Long Range Note: The TBM9 long range cruise speed is 252KTAS at FL310

I’ve opted to head North towards the Aluetian Islands and will save the Hawaii to California hop for a different trip. This will definitely add some distance to my trip but I’ll get to fly through beautiful Alaska along the way. I plan at staying at FL250 to avoid strong crosswinds at FL300 along the way. It may be that I step down and then step back up to get better fuel efficiency.

Departure Arrival Dist Flight Time
PMDY PAAK 1464nm 4:50
Cruise Climb Descent Fuel
FL250@M0.53 170/40 2000fps 870kg (5.5h)
Planned Route via Skyvector Weather via Windy

Getting close! I opted for flying north towards Alaska. That will add a few more legs to my flight but I bet it’s a gorgeous place to fly so no worries!

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Also the worry of flying from Hawaii to NorCal knowing the fact that u may not make it

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Yup. That and no favorable weather for at least the next week?! I’ll take my chances North. 72 minutes of reserve fuel atm so I should be fine. Flying FL210@250kts to stay out of a wicked 120kt+ crosswind though at FL300.

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Midway Atoll (PMDY) to Atka (PAAK) Screenshots and Notes

On approach to PAAK. Glad I didn’t strictly follow the GS or I would have crashed into the hills in the front of the airport beacon.

I’ve made it to Atka in the Aleutian Islands. At max fuel, I had 60 min left when I landed. This was about a 1450nm leg so I feel good about not waiting for perfect conditions to try the Hawaii to California hop. It would have to be perfect conditions to add on another 500nm of flying.

I haven’t necessarily enjoyed just operating over 1000nm stretches of ocean in a GA aircraft. But now that I’m at Atka, that’s nearly over. A hop over this chain of Islands to PAHO will have me over solid ground again (and in the mountains once more).

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Atka (PAAK) to Homer (PAHO)


Feeling like I’m in the homestretch now. I’m going to be stopping in Homer, Alaska to scout out possible sites for a Mountain Based VAO that I’m working on. Looks like there will be rain and snow along the way.

I’ll be using the INOTY ONE obstacle departure procedure at PAAK and LOC RWY 4 approach at PAHO.

Departure Arrival Dist. Flight Time
PAAK PAHO 1464nm 3:15
Cruise Climb Descent Fuel
FL290@M0.53 170/40 2000fps 656kg (4h)
Planned Route via Skyvector Weather via Windy


Atka (PAAK) to Homer (PAHO) Screenshots and Notes


Alaskan snow covered mountains rising out of the pacific and Mainland Alaskan wilderness made for a beautiful flight from PAAK to PAHO. I’ll be off to Juneau next and will fly along many glaciers along the way. Looking forward to the scenery!


On approach to Homer Airport.


Departing Atka with the sunrise.

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Homer (PAHO) to Juneau (PAJN) Flight Plan


  • Notes for PAHO: See Page 12 of Takeoff Minimums for AKTO
  • Notes fro PAJN: Expecting to use RNAV (GPS) V RWY 8
Departure Arrival Dist. Flight Time
PAHO PAJN 562nm 2:05
Cruise Climb Descent Fuel
FL290@M0.53 170/40 2000fps 492kg (3h)
Planned Route via Skyvector Weather via Windy

It’s great to see you sticking with your mission to complete this. Keep it up! 😃


It’s been an absolute blast!!


Homer (PAHO) to Juneau (PAJN) Flight Plan Screenshots and Notes

Gorgeous landscape as I arrive into Juneau. I had to fly down to RWY and make a sharp left bank to land between the mountains. It was an exciting arrival. Definitely somewhere I’d love to visit in the RW. I’m off to SeaTac next. I’ll finally be back in the continental US after a 2 week tour. I’m excited to wrap this up, hopefully put together a video and set off for whatever adventure is next.

On left base for PAJN RWY 26.

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Wow, looks like an amazing journey. Really enjoyed going through this thread and living vicariously through the flights so far. Very impressed by the realism. Safe travels on the home stretch!