[COMPLETED] @Skybear's TBM-930 World Tour Log

Awesome and have fun man! I did a world tour in the Tbm and had so much fun . Gotta love this plane .

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Great advice. Thanks!

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I will see, maybe I PM you for mor more info

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KLEX to KBHB Screenshots and Notes


I left my home airport of Lexington Bluegrass (KLEX) for Bar Harbor (KBHB) this evening. Total flight time was 2h38m. I’m looking forward to a sunrise takeoff at Bar Harbor (I might adjust the sim time instead of fly real time). It was a little more difficult landing at night then during the day in the 930 but achievable. Landing was a little off center but per the manual, back wheels hit first and then I put the nose down gently. I did use the localizer on 22 and didn’t hit the correct altitude on my descent so I need to study up some more on when and how to descend to hit my target altitude.


Rule of thumb. Take your cruising altitude and multiply that by 3. That will give you your distance in nautical miles for your TOD. Calculate the distance not from airport but your GPS waypoint that vectors you onto the localizer and you should be all set. I use this all the time and it works like a charm.

FL340 x 3 = 102 NM from your waypoint for the localizer.

Also, welcome to IF! I flew Allegiant out of KLEX 3 flights today to Memphis, Punta Gorda, and Las Vegas.

I lived in Lawrenceburg for a few years before moving back home to Fort Myers in Florida. Very familiar with the area. Cheers!


Bar Harbor (KHBH) to Goose Bay (CYYR)

Bar Harbor has some departing minimums that are obstruction based. Based on which runway you’re headed out (I’m headed towards the Bangor VOR) there are departure instructions you can find at AirNav under the Weather Minimums section.

Useful Links
KHBH Information
CYYR Information
FPLtoIF Flight Plan

Planned Route via Skyvector


Automated Route via FPLtoIF


Departure KBHB
Arrival CYYR
Distance 719nm
Cruise FL290@0.53m
Fuel 797kg

I think that’s where I messed up. @ActnJaksn239 What descent rate do you use? 1500’?

I live in Ft Myers as well! Looking forward to tracking this flight. I’m in the process of flying around the US, Canada, and then down south through South America and back in a 172 using only VORs to navigate (taking off from KFMY)…

Have a safe flight, looking forward to your updates!!!


I wld want to do a round the world tour also… if anybody can help me it wld be gladly appreciated!

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Depends on the flight and airport elevation. There have been times I do 1500 and gone as high as 2500 if I overshot my TOD. I typically will do 1800-2000 in steps until I hit 18,000 then 1500 each time ATC assigns a new altitude on down to the localizer.

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Badass someone else is in here from Ft. Misery. I actually live in the Cape. But not too many people know Cape Coral compared to Ft. Myers. You’ll see me all the time taking off from PGD on Allegiant or RSW in JetBlue or Delta.


@anon23647801 It seems like World Tour flights are a dime a dozen around here. I’d say pick one and try to follow it or see how they planned it. I’m trying to put all my thoughts about this one in this thread along with each segment of the Tour.

Things you definitely have to know in layman’s terms:

  1. How far can your aircraft fly?
  2. How will the weather affect how far or where you can fly?
  3. Can you load enough fuel to make your flight?
  4. How much realism do you want? You can always fly a direct path to any airport in the sim. Or you cam use tools like SkyVector, AirNav, and GCMapper (all links I’ve used to start planning things out above). You’ll have to know how to read charts, etc to use these services or use one of the automatic tools like Simbrief etc.

I’m no pro, but that’s my general process/thoughts.


Fpltoif.com takes a lot of the guess work out of the equation. It uses the express version of Simbrief and works out well for me.


@ActnJaksn239 I hadn’t tried that tool yet but it’s super nice! I’m going to use it to check against my work. I did notice that it recommended about 200 more kg in fuel than I planned for in my KLEX-KBHB segment. I had about 30-40 min of fuel left when I landed. Thanks for the resource!

KBHB to CYYR Screenshots and Notes

Lesson Learned: Check the weather between your departure and destination. I initially hit a 70kt direct crosswind in the first three segments of my route that turned into a 112kt crosswind. Eventually turned into more of a tailwind than crosswind (not really), but even at M0.55 I was off course by almost half a mile. Windy is my new friend… I could correct for level flight using my rudder but it would be nice if you could trim for rudder in IF. Maybe that’s a feature request already? So, just checking METARs at your departure and arrival airport can and will get you in trouble. I now have a better understanding of how to make the hop from Hawaii to California if the winds are favorable.

Arrived at Goose Bay for a 20kt crosswind landing. Nearly stalled the plane at 85kts while landing for a VERY short runout with Reverse Thrusters but we it! I’ll be off for my first over ocean flight to Greenland next.

90+ kt crosswind. Notice how AP tips the plane trying to keep it on course.


Goose Bay (CYYR) to Narsarsuaq (BGBW)

As of 05021225Z, there’s a 50kt+ headwind on this flight at FL290. Good visibility, etc otherwise at BGBW.

CYYR Information
BGBW Information
Weather Information via Windy

Planned Route via FPLtoIFR

CYYR 5352N/5937W ENNSO 5900N/5000W 6035N/4644W 6110N/4525W 6104N/4536W BGBW

Departure CYYR
Arrival BGBW
Distance 686nm
Flight Time 2:47
Cruise FL290@M0.55
Climb 170/40
Descent 2000
Fuel 888kgs (5.4h)

0322Z Update Weather looks a little more favorable tonight than it did this morning. I’m going to make the hop and I just hit Grade 2 so I think I’ll hop onto the training server.

Super neat! Looks like a blast!

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CYYR to BGBW Screenshots and Notes

That was an interesting leg of this journey. I either flew into very heavy fog or the scenery at BGBW isn’t as developed as I’d expect it to be. Everything seemed flat (maybe I was father north than I thought and hit that particular scenery bug). It was a smooth flight out of Goose Bay and a decently smooth flight into Narsarsuaq, though I did deal with a loft of variable wind on final. Over all, uneventful flight and I’ll be glad to get across the North Atlantic.

Reykjavik is up next, probably tomorrow, and I may even attempt the Dublin leg tomorrow as well to get through this North Atlantic portion of the Tour.


Narsarsuaq (BGBW) to Reykjavik (BIRK) Flight Plan

BGBW Information
BIRK Information
Weather Information via Windy

Planned Route via FPLtoIFR

BGBW 6110N/4525W 6139N/4332W INGAN 6432N/2409W RK401 EXINU CF19Y BIRK

Departure BGBW
Arrival BIRK
Distance 685nm
Cruise FL290@M0.53
Climb 170/40
Descent 2000
Fuel 735kg (4.5h)


As of 1700Z on May 3, winds were not favorable for takeoff. Sustained 40kt winds with 50kt gusts.

Looks like I’m grounded at BGBW until at least 1800 local time today (2000Z).