[Completed] | Singapore Virtual | Scenic Skyways | 171200zAUG19 | @ WADD

Hello community!

With this event, we are going to be featuring our main hub airport; Singapore Changi!
The Infinite Flight development team has just released a new update which includes the beautiful added scenery with a full HD experience over the entire globe. We believe it would be great to involve the community into one (or more) of our internal Scenic Skyways events! We have been waiting months for this grateful addition to be added in the game. As the title expresses, we fly to the beautiful parts of the world in the name of Singapore Airlines. We are proud to finally show you our part of the fresh scenery and the most intelligent and richest countries of the globe. Let’s do that “ In a great way!

  • Departure airport: Ngurah Rai airport [WADD]
  • Departure Time Saturday at 1200z 2019-08-17T12:00:00Z time:
  • Flight Time: 2:15
  • Arrival Airport: Singapore Changi [WSSS]
  • Aircraft: Singapore A330 / Garuda Indonesia B737-800
  • Server: Expert server
  • This event is partnered with GAVA.
Flight Details

The flight details will be published as soon as the event is about to begin.

  • Sign up with the preferred airline and callsign.
  • Those who aren’t part of either SVA or GAVA can choose their own callsign. [Singapore xxx or Indonesia xxx]
  • ATC may be provided due to being inside the featured region this Saturday. Behave like we would expect from you on expert server! All rules must be maintained.
  • Please spawn in 15 minutes before the flight starts.
  • All Singapore Virtual participants are permitted to add a 2.0x flight time bonus.
  • All GAVA participants get a flight time bonus when they log this flight.
  • We, Singapore Virtual, are not responsible for any negative forces to your account stats such as violations or ghosts.

Singapore Airlines [A330]
Gate 18: @Edivan_dcds
Gate 19: @Nidhish_Kataria
Gate 20: @Luke_L
Gate 21: @Leong_Qi_Wei_819
Gate 22: @macharyone
Gate 23: @QuarterBach
Gate 24: @TwinsRock88
Gate 25:
Gate 26:
Gate 27:

Garuda Indonesia [737-800]
Gate 01: @ADDY28
Gate 02: @anon9524891
Gate 03: @Ozzy
Gate 04: @Ramzi_Khairan
Gate 05: @Matt777
Gate 06: @Krsh7
Gate 08: @Captain_Elias
Gate 10:
Gate 12:
Gate 14:
Gate 16:

Singapore Virtual: “A great way to fly!”

Here at Singapore Virtual we offer an enormous variety of routes, aircraft and codeshares. Expect more updates coming up soon!
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This flight is partnered with Garuda Virtual!


Thread | Website


Sign me up… any 738 gate


Sign me up @Nidhish_Kataria and SVA0028 A330 SINGAPORE

Sign me up any gate 738 please

Sign me up, SVA A330 plz. :)

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Sign me up as SVA8017, will do the Airbus.

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@Leong_Qi_Wei_819, @Luke_L, @anon9524891, @Nidhish_Kataria @ADDY28

All have been added! See you in a few days!


I’ll take a B738 gate please!


i’ll tak e ga gate using GA737 GAVA114


I’ll take a B738 gate


B738 gava 004


Hi, can I have a gate for Garuda please, GAVA101. Thanks!



Sign me up on the A333 😀


A333 gate please


Great to see you guys coming!

Y’all have a gate.

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Sorry, something came up, remove my name


Gate 23 please! SVA011

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Sign me up for gate 24, SVA004

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Event starts in less than 2 hours!

departure time: 1200z 2019-08-17T12:00:00Z
Route: WADD - WSSS
Flight Time: 2:15

All participants, check your mailbox for event details.

gates are still available!

Sing me up please Gate 10 737 garuda I’ll also film your virtual airlines ground activity for planespotting by participating 👊🏻