[COMPLETED} Short Haul Sunday @ EGLL 071300ZAPR19

Event Time : 1300 Zulu (Departing in 25 mins from now)
Route = EGLL - LFPG (London to Paris)
Aircraft = British Airways A320
Spawn at = Gate 53 - 63
Flight time = 1 hour

Server = Training

Altitude : 33.000ft
Speed = 250kt below 10.000ft | 305kt above 10.000ft | M.082 above 28.000ft
Decend at = 125nm from destination with VS -2200

Copy the FPL from "IPP IFACE - Nicholas”

[If you are confused with the event time, please send me a message and I will convert it to your timezone]


I might be able to join.

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Alright cool

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Hey I will join but was wondering if you could at least move to training server

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Hmm. Okay cool I will

Ok thanks will attend

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Hey really sorry but I’ll have to move to casual

Ok that’s fine should I spawn in

Are you still ?

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All can spawn now !!

Very sorry, Gate 517-508

Pushback soon, follow me when I push

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