[Completed] Saskatchewan Airshow | First ever Canadian Airshow on IF! | @CYMJ 6/71600ZJUL19

Saskatchewan Air Show


Event description
The Saskatchewan Airshow is set to bring a wide array of the finest military and civilian aviation acts to thousands of spectators. The two-day event will showcase spectacular air performances and static displays at 15th Wing Moose Jaw, home of The Snowbirds and RCAF NATO Flying Training Program.

About Us

Infinite Flight Council of Airshows

Infinite Flight Council of Airshows is a virtual organization which was created to introduce aerobatics and realistic airshows to the community of Infinite Flight. Our members practice their aerobatic routines several times a week, for hours on end. Every member of IFCAS is passionate about the air show industry. Our purpose is to host airshows within the community of Infinite Flight, and to bring aerobatic pilots together with a common interest.

Event Details

Server: Casual Server

Airport: CYMJ - Moose Jaw Air Vice Marshal C M Mcewen

Time: 12:00PM EST July 6th, 2019 & 12:00PM EST July 7th, 2019

NOTAMS: Please do not take off, unless given permission by the Event Organizers (@DeltaMD88Fan and @Nate_Schneller ). Please also do not exit your spectator gate, as this will cause interruptions during the event, which may lead to the cancellation of the Airshow.

Live Commentary And Music
Our airshow will also include LIVE commentary on aircraft and LIVE music on the day of the event. To include this, please join this discord server, and proceed for more information regarding the event near the time.

Discord Server
This will be used for announcements, music and other exiting things before the event!


Event starts and ends from 12:00PM EST-4:30PM EST

Zulu Eastern Time Aircraft Performer
1600-1620Z (12:00-12:20PM EST) National Anthem Show Introduction
1620-1640Z (12:20-12:40PM EST) F-22 Raptor Display @Airbus_737
1640-1700Z (12:40-1:00PM EST) F-16 Display WholesaleBuzz
1700Z-1720Z (1:00-1:20PM EST) IFCAS Canadian Redhawks A318 @DeltaMD88Fan
1720Z-1740Z (1:20-1:40PM EST) Canadian CC-130J-30 Demo @morgan99
1740Z-1800Z (1:40-2:00PM EST) Break
1800-1820Z (2:00-2:20PM EST) IFCAS C-17 Globemaster III Demo Pvd.Spotter
1820-1840Z (2:20-2:40PM EST) IFCAS Learjet 45 Display Team @Jonathan_Tweedy
1840-1900Z (2:40-3:00PM EST) Spitfire Display WholesaleBuzz
1900-1920Z (3:00-3:20PM EST) Air Canada A321 Display @BadPlane
1920-1940Z (3:20-3:40PM EST) IFCAS F-16 Viper Demo Team @DeltaMD88Fan
1940-2000Z (3:40-4:00PM EST) IFCAS USAF Heritage Flight TBD

Spectator Gates

CYMJ Apron Start : Spectators spawn and taxi along the ramp for parking.

Belle Plaine Ramp Start : Performers spawn and taxi along the showline for parking.

Thread inspiration from RAF Fairford Air Tattoo 2019


Please fix your title - it should say 061800ZJUL19.

Can we take off maybe a couple minutes before the first take off to spectate from 1000 feet?

Id ask to have the spectators remain on the ground as they may interfere with the display.

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Sign me up for a Air Canada A321 display

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Can I sign up even if I’m not in IFCAS?

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any preference on a time slot?

Around 2 or 3 Central. So 1900z

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yes you can! This show is open to everyone :)

Hello Alex, this is Rocco your IFCAS CF18 Demo pilot. I will be unable to attend any events from July 15-22 so unfortunately I will be missing this one😕

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Don’t forget guys! We’ve still got plenty of open time slots for performers :)

Is it ok to take the 1720Z-1740Z with a CC130J-30 demo?

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Sure thing!

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we’ve still got 5 more slots available!

Hi, this is just a special announcement regarding my display, as this year, the world is remembering the fallen and celebrating the Success of DDay 75 years ago of which Canada played a huge part of, I will be performing several passes in my Canadian C130j-30 with a Spitfire to commemorate all of the DDay veterans past and present.


The IFCAS F-16 Viper Demo Team will be highlighting the Saskatchewan airshow!

I’m excited to put on an epic show. #Fullsend

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Two more days everyone!

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Seeeeeeeend it!

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2days until #send

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Can I do the heritage flight?

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