[COMPLETED] Rio de Janeiro in Brazil Fly-out @ SBGL - 231500ZFEB20

Official Event an IFBR ®️

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Welcome to Brazil Fly-out

Be in the City of Samba on the weekend of the official start of Carnaval in Brazil


After the success of Brazil Fly-in Sao Paulo, we are here again inviting the community to simulate traffic at one of the most sought after airports in the world, Rio Galeão (SBGL). The goal is to get as close to reality as possible, so pay attention to the specific recommendations and restrictions below and others that will be sent to all participants.

How will it be?

This is an event in Fly-out mode. Interested pilots must analyze the flight table and choose their route, after that, the time of the event (15:00 UTC on 23/02/2020) must be taken into account. With this, intense traffic will be formed from the International Airport of Rio de Janeiro, Galeão (SBGL).


Brazilian aviation lovers know that Galeão (SBGL) is located near one of the most dangerous airports in the world, Santos Dumont. As a result, the heavy aircraft traffic in this airspace is constant, thus forming some restrictions for exiting the aerodrome, see below:

The runways used for takeoff will be headboard 33 or headboard 10.

Further recommendations will be sent through the PM Briefing Letter for each participating pilot.

SBGL Charts


Choose any available route below:

Terminal 2
Call sign Airline/Aircraft Destination Flight time Pilot
CM872 Copa Airlines (B738) Panama City (MPTO) [6:30] @IFBRFelipeMartins
G39044 Gol (B738) Foz do Iguaçu (SBFI) [1:45] @Victor_Winter
G39018 Gol (B738) Florianopolis (SBFL) [1:15] @Lucas_Botelho
LA3194 Latam Brazil (A320) Sao Paulo (SBGR) [0:45] @nicopizarro
G39038 Gol (B738) Goiania (SBGO) [1:30]
AV920 Avianca (A320) Lima (SPJC) [4:45] @campeloneto
AD2570 Azul (E195) Belo Horizonte (SBCF) [0:45] @The_Real_Plane_Spott
AD5136 Azul (E195) Campinas (SBKP) [0:50]
G32024 Gol (B738) Salvador (SBSV) [1:40] @Breno_Carvalho
AV260 Avianca (A320) Bogota (SKBO) [5:45]
AR1257 Aerolineas Argentinas (B738) Buenos Aires (SAEZ) [2:50] @Luis_Ma_Guevara
G31860 Gol (B737) Recife (SBRF) [2:30]
G39048 Gol (B738) Navegantes (SBNF) [1:10] @Wesleyhenrich
G32036 Gol (B738) Brasilia (SBBR) [1:30] @LuizClaudio
G31093 Gol (B737) Sao Paulo (SBGR) [0:45]
G31061 Gol (B738) Congonhas (SBSP) [0:50]
G32122 Gol (B738) Curitiba (SBCT) [1:05]
G32154 Gol (B738) Vitoria (SBVT) [0:45] @Everything_Matthew
G32176 Gol (B738) Fortaleza (SBFZ) [2:45] @Filipe_Samuel_Braine
G32012 Gol (B738) Aracaju (SBAR) [2:00]
G32096 Gol (B738) Natal (SBSG) [2:40]
LA8020 Latam Brazil (A320) Santiago (SCEL) [4:00]
G32167 Gol (B738) Joao Pessoa (SBJP) [2:30]
LA3835 Latam Brazil (A320) Brasilia (SBBR) [1:30]
AR1207 Aerolineas Argentinas (B738) Rosario (SAAR) [2:55]
G32000 Gol (B738) Maceio (SBMO) [2:10]
AD4127 Azul (A320) Recife (SBRF) [2:20] @YukioGabriel
G32132 Gol (B738) Sao Luis (SBSL) [3:00] @Guilherme_Rodrigues
LA8038 Latam Brazil (A320) Montevideo (SUMU) [2:30]
LA8092 Latam Brazil (A320) Buenos Aires (SAEZ) [2:50]
AR1237 Aerolineas Argentinas (B738) Cordoba (SACO) [3:00]
G32106 Gol (B738) Manaus (SBEG) [3:45]
G32188 Gol (B738) Belo Horizonte (SBCF) [0:45]
G37648 Gol (B738) Buenos Aires (SAEZ) [2:50]
G39240 Gol (B738) Rosario (SAAR) [3:00]
LA9200 Latam Brazil (A319) Natal (SBSG) [2:30] @Arthur_Rayron
LA3852 Latam Brazil (A320) Fortaleza (SBFZ) [2:50] @Vini18
LA3129 Latam Brazil (A320) Manaus (SBEG) [3:45]
G37612 Gol (B738) Cordoba (SACO) [3:05]
AD4462 Azul (A320) Recife (SBRF) [2:20]
AD4261 Azul (A320) Campinas (SBKP) [0:50] @Igor_Gabriel
G31992 Gol (B738) Campinas (SBKP) [0:50]
LA4568 Latam Brazil (A320) Foz do Iguaçu (SBFI) [1:45] @joaopedrocs
CM215 Copa Airlines (B738) Panama City (MPTO) [6:30] @Armani_B
Terminal 3
Call sign Airline/Aircraft Destination Flight time Pilot
EK246 Emirates (B77W) Dubai (OMDB) [13:00] @Renan
DL478 Delta (A333) New York (KJFK) [9:30] @claytonbrasil700
AZ673 Alitalia (B772) Rome (LIRF) [10:00] @gamer_vlogs
AF443 Air France (B77W) Paris (LFPG) [10:15] @Jean-Marc_Koumaya
TP74 TAP (A333) Lisbon (LPPT) [9:00]
EK247 Emirates (B77W) Buenos Aires (SAEZ) [2:30] @Andre_Siqueira
LH501 Lufthansa (B744) Frankfurt (EDDF) [10:30] @Gabriel_Fetzner
IB6024 Iberia (A359) Madrid (LEMD) [9:00] @Scandanavian54super
KL706 KLM (B772) Amsterdam (EHAM) [10:30] @ADINAILDO_SANTOS
UA128 United (B789) Houston (KIAH) [9:30] @RenanLelles
BA248 British Airways (B789) London (EGLL) [10:15] @RenanSilva267
AA904 American Airlines (B77W) Miami (KMIA) [8:15] @CptCalvin437
DI7502 Norwegian Air (B789) London (EGKK) [10:15] @Dreadjack888
DL60 Delta (A333) Atlanta (KATL) [9:20]
AT212 Royal Air Maroc (B788) Casablanca (GMMN) [8:00] @Cleyton_Santos
AA974 American Airlines (B77W) New York (KJFK) [9:30] @Gustavo
EK245 Emirates (B77W) Santiago (SCEL) [3:45] @Arthur
Call sign Airline/Aircraft Destination Flight time Pilot
CV8667 Cargolux (B748) Quito (SEQM) [5:15] @Kalil_Matheus
5Y97 UPS (B74F) Manaus (SBEG) [3:30]
FX997 FedEx (B77F) Curitiba (SBCT) [1:00]
5X157 UPS (A33F) Campinas (SBKP) [0:50]
CV836 Cargolux (B748) Petrolina (SBPL) [2:00]
CV528 Cargolux (B748) Lima (SPJC) [4:30] @Mauricio_B
CV937 Cargolux (B748) Luxembourg (ELLX) [10:15] @Espedito_Junior
FX926 FedEx (B77F) Miami (KMIA) [8:00]
LH1549 Lufthansa Cargo (MD11F) Birmingham (EGBB) [10:50] @Matheus_Fonseca
VR906 Varig Log (MD11F) Amsterdam (EHAM) [10:45] @Netinho1109
LH8265 Lufthansa Cargo (MD11F) Porto (LPPR) [09:00] @David_rodrigues

Server: Expert.

Spawn at any gate of the assigned terminal 30 minutes before the event starts.
Please follow the rules of the Expert Server and act professionally at all times.
Follow IFATC instructions if be present; or if there is no active atc use unicom properly.
You is responsible for any violations and reports that may be received during your flight.

Routes not actually operated will not be added.

Stay tuned for final recommendations that will be released before the event. Have fun with us!!!


Note for those who live in Brazil:

Due to the period of the year we are in, you can see this discrepancy below in the time of the universal clock on this page. We clarify that there is no more daylight saving time in Brazil so this event is scheduled for 12:00 am in Brasilia capital time, which is equivalent to 15:00Z on 23/FEB/2020.

This event is open to everyone in the Infinite Flight community, brazilian or not. Join us and sign up.


I want the flight G39044 to Foz do Iguaçu SBFI


You have been added, thank you! @Victor_Winter

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Please 748 CargoLux Petrolina SBPL😃👍🏼


Hello can i fly to Milan


Rome not milan


This route is yours.

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You were added on the route to Rome.

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2 questions are we going to fly from SBGL or out?
The departue are from saturday to sunday or sunday to monday?


This is a Fly-out event, so we will be leaving Galeão. The departure time will be at 15:00 (UTC). Convert to your time zone. @gamer_vlogs

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I’ll take the Emirates 77W to Dubai


Beautiful route! You are added to the event. @masterkiwi

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UA128 please!!


That’s a fine looking event! Unfortunately I cannot join as it’s 10 minutes after school. Possible to postpone it at all?


You have been added.


You can book your route, with your delay we do not guarantee that you will enjoy the traffic.

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I don’t enjoy solutide 😂


I lave this gate please, thanks much!


hey man!!! reserved for me SBGL\SAEZ of 777 emirates