[Completed | Results] Hawaiian Virtual Airlines Landing Competition @ PHOG - 022300ZDEC17

Ready to show off the “AMAZING” talent of landing that you guys have at the Hawaiian Virtual Landing Competition?

Server: Casual Server

Route: PHOG - PHTO

Expected Flight Time: 20 Minutes

Fuel: 1 Hour of Fuel (Make Sure)

Aircraft: Boeing 717-200 (Hawaiian Airlines Livery)

Event Date: Saturday, December 2nd , 2017

Takeoff Time: 2300Z
9:00 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time
1:00 PM Hawaiian Standard Time
3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Gates at PHOG:

Gate 01: Jmacd20
Gate 05: BlakePope
Gate 07: Jacob_Sim
Gate 09: Deercrusher (Tentative)
Gate 11: SirPilotOfAviation
Gate 13: HighRisePilot
Gate 15A: AsunderRex92679
Gate 15B: Marshall_Hilfman
Gate 17: NERMAL
Gate 19: Gliding_Central
Gate 21: Turkish_Airlines_34
Gate 23: SwissCrow
Gate 27: Infiniteflightmaste2
Gate 29: Canuck23
Gate 33: Cpt,TC
Gate 35:
(More Gates Available)

Inflight Information:

  • Cruising Altitude of 14,000 ft MSL (Subject to change mid-flight due to wind)

  • No faster than Mach 0.74 during the flight (496 knts - Ground Speed)

  • Maintain a minimum separation of 5nm from the aircraft in front of you.




How You Will Be Graded:

  1. Smoothness on landing (2)
  2. Your approach in for runway 12 at PHTO (From Short Final) (2)
  3. Centerness on touchdown (2)
  4. Flare on touchdown (2)
  5. Listening (Easy 2 Points)

1 Go Around Allowed

Hawaiian Virtual Airline’s Main Thread (Come Check Us Out)

On a scale from 1-5 (5 being the best event you have ever heard of), How excited are you for this event?

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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

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Hope that you can join us!


If that is the plane being used then I am pretty sure everyone is going to tie for last.


People have mastered this aircraft and thats what these events are about (Showing your skills)

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I’m going to try to make it this one, but can’t guarantee any thing with my schedule. I will however say that this should be an interesting event since the aircraft being used, isn’t so gentle on the landings. But, hey its, a competition and it should be a challenge. A challenge I’m up for. Right now, I’m a tentative attendee.


Let’s get @JoshFly8 in on this


Aloha a mahalo for considering joining us in this interesting event! Gate 09 will be yours (At this time)

You learn something new everyday!
Aloha - Hello
Mahalo - Thanks

i really wanted to do this event because i live on hawaii ( oahu ) but i’m not free to do it. & yes aloha = hello, mahalo = thanks .

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Hey, I should be able to attend so can you put me down for a gate, thanks.

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I’ll try to come… gimme a gate

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Roger! You guys are both signed up!

Check your gate assignments up in the main post

Not sure how people in the US are coming if it’s at 5AM CST and 3AM PST… would love to come if it was a bit later!

No it is at 3 PM PST :)

I would like either Gate 15A or 15B, anyone will do.

I may either have the following aircraft:

A330, B767, or B717. Which one do you recommend? @Balloonchaser

I do not expect full guarantee but I will still try to make it to the event.


This landing competition is for the B717.

If you are still in, ill put you down for one of those gates

If this was moved to December 3, same time same everything just one day later, I can definitely make it. Don’t worry about it if it’s too much of an inconvenience.

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I will take that into consideration. Ill get back to you on that

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I’m sorry but I won’t be able to attend. I have an event at the same date and time.

Count me in Jack!


Roger! Gate 05 is yours

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I guess I read the timebie chart wrong…

EDIT: wrong not long