[Completed] Red, White, and Blue Memorial Flight @ KTEB - 112300ZSEP19

Event Begins In Less Than 1 Hour

Hey can you change my call sign to 911

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Will we copy your flight plan i see

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Yes you will. :)

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I am too tired, as expected to fly. And also I remembered this week I’m grade 2. See you in a future event @Balloonchaser 😴


All good.

Event Begins In 10 Minutes


I will be heading out to a memorial service in remembrance of those lost in the September 11th terrorist attacks on the world so I will be taking off and leaving my phone running AFK. I will hopefully return by the end of the flight but if not, I will overfly and land later.

Begin Spawning In


I will be taking off soon. Please follow above. Please stay respectful - No tolerance

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Can I get a spot?

People are leaving

Oof, im late, ill speed up to catch up.

I just arrived home early, so I can be part of it.

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Your quite late. Just speed up to 210.

Of course I received 5 phone calls from various people and a million texts while I was at the memorial service… :/

Thank you to everyone who is out here flying this with us. We will truly Never Forget


Thank u for coordinating! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»


Happy I came!

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Thank You For Coming

Never Forget September 11th, 2001

May all those perished rest in peace and may this NEVER happen again and may we NEVER forget!

Please share any stories or pictures from this event in this thread.

Have a great night.


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