[Completed] Red, White, and Blue Memorial Flight @ KTEB - 112300ZSEP19

Source: PatersonTimes.com

Just 18 years ago, some of us were alive; others yet to be born. 18 years ago, the world stopped turning; the world changed. 2 planes hit the North and South Tower of the World Trade Center Buildings in New York, 1 plane hit the Pentagon in Virginia and 1 plane was heading for Washington, D.C.

The United States of America Was Under Attack

Throughout that day horrible and amazing things happened! Firefighters from all over came into New York City and Virginia to try to rescue people out of the 2 trade center buildings and the rescue efforts at the Pentagon. Aswell as the amazing feat of the passengers that took over the hijacked flight over Pennsylvania before it could kill even more innocent civilians. Then at 9:59, the South Tower collapsed, followed by the North Tower.

2996 people died that morning and over 6000 were wounded. Not to mention the 10,000,000+ people who were affected in some way by this act of terrorism.

In this event, it is my small gesture to honour the lives lost on this day 18 years ago. It is a small gesture but it is a gesture that I have done for the past two year on the community. I was not alive for this day. I hopefully will never have to experience another day like that first hand. But my parents were alive and they passed along the stories and history down to me. We will Never Forget!

Event Details

Server - Expert Server

Aircraft - Cirrus SR22 GTS

Departure & Arrival Airport - Teterboro Airport [KTEB]

Departure Time - 2300Z Wednesday, September 11, 2019 11:00 PM

Flight Time - Roughly 1 Hour

Please Note: Any acts of reenactment or any callsigns with hate will not be tolerated and further action may be taken against such acts

Cruising Altitude - 5500 ft
Cruising Speed - 160 knts
(Is Subject to change)

We will takeoff from KTEB and create a heart over Upstate New York. Flightplan to come as we approach the event :)

Spawn In Spots

Spot Pilot Callsign
GA 01 @Balloonchaser Balloonchaser
GA 03 @Aceorbit CREMSODA
GA 04
GA 06 @Ignas04 LY-IGN
GA 07
GA 08 @UnitedGuy19 911
GA 09 @Trio N623KB
GA 10 @IF_Aviation1 IFA1
GA 14 @anon41771314 Virgin 143
GA 15 @Will_A N316WA
GA 16 @iBalisticAlex FALCO901
GA 17 @ThomasThePro T-HOMAS
GA 18 @AarkonTV AARKON
GA 19 @Luca_Carlettini JLC
GA 20 @Alex_Coffey FREEBRD
GA 21 @Kaleb_Jordan N2CMES
GA 22 @Jordan_McDermott MIR-7795
GA 23
GA 24
GA 25
GA 26
GA 27
GA 28
GA 29
GA 30 @Nicholas_Henry H-ENRY

Please keep the upmost respect and I hope to see you there. This event is not affiliated with any Virtual Airline or Virtual Organization to keep the sole focus on the tragedy that occurred. VA’s/VO’s are welcomed to join though.

2017’s 9/11 Memorial Event
2018’s 9/11 Memorial Event [Internal]


Sign me up, buddy!


Whoa I gotta join on Ryan. Sign me up!


There is a few waypoints I know that is part of 9/11. I think it is WEEEE, WLLLL, NEVVR, FORGT, SEP11. Anyway, sign me up!


OMG Ryan is joining!! Sign me up plz

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It’s going to be 2am, but for a cause like this, I’ll surely join!

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I’ll take stand-by hit me up with the last gate.

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Sign me plz
Call sign will be UVAL154

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Roger. Gates updated. :)

@Gabe_Z what Callsign would you like?

GABEZ3. Callsigns gotta rhyme.

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Sign me up! N623KB. You never forget where you were that day.

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I was in my moms whom😂. I will have to let you know last minute if I could join

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I updated my callsign list. N513MN.

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I’ll come. Callsign Virgin 143

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Roger. You’ve been added. GA 14 is all yours

I’ll take a gate please. N316WA


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I’ll join. Callsign FALCO901

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GA 15 is yours

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Roger. GA 16 is yours