[COMPLETED] Quito to Galápagos: Group Flight

I would like to sign up for this event please

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SEQM ATC now up

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Oops i didn’t realize it was now, I have ATC radar training at the same time so I sadly can’t go

Everyone should probably start spawning

@MANDELA @HarrisArrieta @Prestoni @morgan99 @Andy_Garrett @Jay003 @Carlos_Sousa @ayyjay

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Im a bit late, Im landing my current flight in 7minutes!

Spawn in now everyone! Sorry for being extremely late!

Copy the flightplan from me!

@HarrisArrieta @morgan99 @Andy_Garrett ill hold you to wait for @MANDELA


Sorry @Butter575 got a bit in a hurry.

@Butter575 do you have a discord server that you use regularly?

I’m not really active on discord but I am in the IF server

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The scenery around here is stunning!

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@HarrisArrieta I noticed you have a different FPLs from @MANDELA

Cruise speed will be M0.78 today everyone

I already updated it, thank you!

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This is such a fun flight, I have been on it in real life!


Y’all like to rocket ship!!!

Huge thanks to @Butter575 for ATC!
We’ll see you in the Galapagos Islands!


Yeah!!! Thanks butter!!!

How was it galapagos?