[COMPLETED] Quito to Galápagos: Group Flight


I have moved this event to be 1 hour earlier. This is to avoid conflicts with other events at similar times. Please re-react with Going and Not-Going, depending on your status. Thanks.

Just over 2 weeks until the event!

Sadly I can no longer attend :(

I also can no longer attend

I can probably do ATC for both places

I can take his gate since he can’t do it anymore, if that’s not a problem

Everyone is signed up

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This event is in 5 days!

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I will be there.

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I’ll take gate 12.

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You’re signed up!

Im kinda excited for this group flight!

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Event is tomorrow!

I can’t attend anymore, because I have a school concert this day, sorry.

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No problem

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Gate 9 please

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Thought I signed up but apparently not Ille take this one

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You’re both signed up!

Can I get a gate

Very exited!