[Completed] Qantas Virtual presents a QantasLink A320 Celebration Event @ YPPH - 240200ZJUN18

@Josh Hello… are all the gates taken??

As I would like to possibly join?

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No still plenty of gates left
I have assigned you @anon31652286’s gate

I’m about to add some gates in now ;)


Sorry for the delay
I’ve added a few more gates!
These are just next to the main terminal - sign up while you can!

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2 days remain until this event starts.
Will we see you there?


This event starts in under 2 hours!
Last chance to snatch a gate before we depart :)

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Id love to join!!! Seems like a good size group and decent flight!

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Flight Details

Cruise speed: Mach 0.78
Cruise altitude: FL370 (37,000ft)
Estimated Flight Time: 1 hour 35 mins
Departure runway: 03
Arrival runway: 08
Climb Profile: 250/300/78
Descent Profile: 78/300/250

Fuel: 6,500 kg
Passengers: 170
Cargo: 5,450kg

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There is no runway 03 in Perth

Yes there is?
The south-north rwy

Sorry …yes sorry i didnt observe property

Everyone can spawn in now if they haven’t already 🙂

what runway???

Read this post from above

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Welcome to Karratha!

If you are a Qantas Virtual Pilot, don’t forgot to claim your flight hours and log your flight under QLK2644.
Did you enjoy this flight?
I would appreciate a little bit of feedback if that’s alright;
On a scale of 1-10, how good was this event?

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(Please be honest - voting is anonymous)

Enjoyed this event?

Want to become apart of the Qantas Virtual Adventure?
Make sure to sign up here!

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Please put your pictures in one post

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