[Completed] Qantas Virtual Landing Competition @ YSSY - 010000ZJUL18

Good job Cameron nice landing

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dang i did pretty good

Yeah that was actually nice. I guess I have some competition after all ;)

its called a competition for a reason :p

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That Siberian 5 person was not quite as lucky lol

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rip what happened lol

Kind of looked like a stall. Came in with about 5 degrees of pitch and flaps 40

Poor Jacob
You came in too slow lol

There’s a bit of competition here!

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I was waiting for the Siberian to get off the runway, I was going as slow as I could

Either go around or pay no mind to them lol. It’s a landing competition. Since Siberian screwed up and stopped no one would get mad haha

nice landing ethan! .

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@IanD Yours was still the nicest I’ve seen so far it’ll be close

If you wish you can have another go
Not enough spacing was maintained so I’ll allow it

Oh rip pedro’s centerline…

Way too low as well damn. Shadow looked like he almost hit the ridge

Well it looks like that’s a wrap!

2 more pilots are inbound so not quite

really? I dont see anyone
Ohhhh other runway

Well I gotta head out sorry. How will the results be posted?

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