[COMPLETED] Qantas 737 Celebration Flight @ NZQN 162200ZMAR18

The 737 does not and cannot cruise at mach 0.85…

78% the speed of sound is best for your fuel and plane

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alright ill change it
did you want to come?

What server is it going to be on?

training @Callum_Brayshaw

@Josh Could I be ATC for Queenstown Tower and Ground and if no one is going to take Sydney ATC could I also be atc at Sydney tower and ground?

make sure to read through this if you are not familiar with Queenstown

@Josh I have been to Queenstown in real life so I know how to back taxi aircraft to the runway I have also been controlling at Queenstown before so I know how the airport works


Roger that hope to see you there :)

@Josh What time do you want me to join tower and ground at Queenstown?

we will be spawning in 10 mins prior to departure which is at 2200Z

you will find some basic conversions in the start of the post

Dam sorry mate, can’t come but would have loved to, good luck!

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Sign me up please, looking forward to it.

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Roger that you got gate 7 🙂

Haha laughed when I saw that😂

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Gates are going fast people!

There are 2 gates left, if you haven’t got one yet, what are you waiting for!?

Haha im not sure where I got that idea from

Will you be able to make it?

I am waiting for @kpit to decide on a time for his event so…


Actually he said 5:30pm

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Thats okay, just let me know if you can make it and I will put you down

I can’t come this time. Sorry.

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