[COMPLETED] Qantas 737 Celebration Flight @ NZQN 162200ZMAR18

Qantas 737 Celebration flight

Hello Everyone. To celebrate the new release of the Qantas 737, we will be retrieving the stolen kangaroos and bringing them back to Australia

Flight Details:
Server: Training Server 1 [TS1]
Departure Airport: Queenstown International [NZQN]
Arrival Airport:Sydney Kingsford International [YSSY]

Date: Friday - 16th of March, 2018 [03/16/18]
Departure Time: 22:00Z [2200Z]

ZULU Conversions

AEDT 9:00AM (0800) Next Day
AEST 8:00 AM (0800) Next Day
NZDT 11:00AM (1100) Next Day
EST 6:00PM (1800)
PST 3:00PM (1500)

NZQN DEPARTURE (Credit to @Matthew )

Runway 23 guide

Takeoff 88% throttle setting (not n1) climb 2500 fpm

Go straight ahead make sure airspeed does not go above 200 knots as you make a gradual left turn get relatively close to big mountain ahead.

Once you have entered the valley and are over the altitude of the mountains to your right, make small right turn and continue on route to YSSY

Projected Flight Time: 2-3 Hours


  • You must use the Qantas 737 NOTHING ELSE
  • Please Spawn in roughly 10 minutes before our scheduled departure time
  • Make sure you have enough fuel for the flight [30,000 lbs Should Be Enough]
  • After you land; stick around for Post Event Photos!

Flight Plan: NZQN - 45S68 - Sosig - sizzl - yssy

Cruising Speed: 0.78 Mach
Crusing Altitude: 36,000ft

Reply below for a gate or PM me
Gate 01A: @Embraer190
Gate 01: @Kamryn
GATE 2: @Josh_H (me)
GATE 3: @AustralianFlyer
GATE 4: @QantasAviator
GATE 5: @Matthew
GATE 6: @Ian_Piper
GATE 7: @Jacob_Sim
GATE 8: @lin68088987
GA01: @Chris_Kelly

ATC for event
Queenstown Ground: @Callum_Brayshaw
Queenstown Tower: @Callum_Brayshaw
Sydney Ground: @Callum_Brayshaw
Sydney Tower: @Callum_Brayshaw


is the event (for me) at 8:00am tomorrow morning? I have school

Yes would you like a gate?

Sign me right up, it’s Saturday at 9 am for AEDT, am I right?

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its on a saturday for us :)

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that would be correct

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oh, thought it was Friday, silly me. @Josh can i have a gate?

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You guys got a gate πŸ™‚

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Departure route

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thanks so much you can still make it right?

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Yep can I plan flight plan for you?

Looking foward to this

be my guest @Matthew :)

New departure info

After testing with 737 with fuel for Aus I reccomend change throttle setting on takeoff to 88% not n1

Flaps 25


NZQN - 45S68 - Sosig - sizzl - yssy

Active NAV mode after off the departure route shown above


Wish I could join, but as you might know, I absolutely hate Training server.


i would change it but there will be no atc on expert @Panther

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The 737 does not and cannot cruise at mach 0.85…

78% the speed of sound is best for your fuel and plane

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alright ill change it
did you want to come?

What server is it going to be on?

training @Callum_Brayshaw