[Completed] Pittsburgh New Years Fly-out @ KPIT - 011800ZJAN19


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Support Pittsburgh airport as we start the new year. Kick off the 2019 with a blast of fun over at Pittsburgh airport. After all how many of you have visited it?

Flight Info

Server: Expert server

Event NOTAM:

Departure information will be provided in group message near the time of the event. You are encouraged to but not required to fly a realistic route. Flying another route is fine if you wish. Real routes can be found here

Terminal Info (airlines and aircraft serving KPIT)

Airline ICAO Code Aircraft
Air Canada Express N/A Crj-200
Alaska Airlines ASA 738/739
Allegiant AAY a320
American AAL a320, Crj-900, 738
British Airways BAW 789
Delta DAL 738, a319, 717
Delta Connection N/A crj-900, e170
Frontier FFT a320,a321
JetBlue JBU a320, e190
Southwest SWA 737-700,738
Spirit NKS a320,a321
United UAL 738,739,a320,crj-700
WOW WOW a320
A gates (8 gates left)
Gate Airline/Aircraft &Destination
Gate A1 SWA 737 KBWI
Gate A2 UAL 738 KDEN @Tnel
Gate A3 SWA 737 KMDW @JacksonAviation
Gate A4 UAL 737 KORD
Gate A5 SWA 738 KPHX
Gate A6 UAL a320 KIAH
Gate A7 SWA 738 KMCO
Gate A8 UAL a320 KSFO
Gate A9 SWA 738 KSTL @JeromeJ
Gate A10 UAL a320 KDEN
Gate A11 SWA 737 KDAL
Gate A12 UAL e170 KIAD
Gate A18 ACA crj-200 CYYZ @Aviation-21
B gates (7 gates left)
Gate Airline/Aircraft &Destination
Gate B26 AAL crj-200 KPHL @BIGGB97
Gate B28 AAL crj-700 KDCA
Gate B29 AAL crj-900 KCLT
Gate B30 AAL crj-200 KRDU
Gate B31 ASA 738 KSEA @Dart
Gate B32 AAL crj-200 KLGA
Gate B33 NKS a320 KLAS
Gate B34 AAL a321 KDFW
Gate B35 NKS a320 KRSW @Donovan_Kelly
Gate B36 AAL 738 KORD @TenMileJones
Gate B37 AAL a320 KPHX (AAVA) @Playr_Mar
GateB38 AAL a321 KDFW @Patrick_Gallagher
Gate B39 AAL a320 KPHL
C Gates (4 gates left)
Gate Airline/Aircraft &Destination
Gate C51 AAY a320 KSFB
Gate C53 AAY a320 KPIE
Gate C55 AAY a320 KPGD
Gate C59 BAW 789 EGLL @Matthew_20204
Gate C60 ICE 757 BIKF @GlobalFlyer1
Gate C61 WOW a320 BIKF
D Gates (2 gates left)
Gate Airline/Aircraft &Destination
Gate D78 DAL 717 KATL
Gate D79 JBU e190 KBOS @Alaska170
Gate D80 JBU a320 KFLL @KPIT
Gate D84 DAL 738 KDTW
Gate D86 FFT a321 KMCO
Gate Airline/Aircraft &Destination
GA 5 TBM-930 KCLE @Cpt.Paul
Corporate 1 78X RJAA @Sinwe
Gate Airline/Aircraft &Origin
Gate C61 WOW a320 BIKF @alfnat
Gate B34 AAL 738 KDFW @AviationJack
Gate A3 SWA 737 KCVG @JacksonAviation
Cargo FDX 1 FDX Md-11 KMEM @Tnel

All gates will not be used for this event. Sorry about how last minute it is and if you have any questions @KPIT would be glad to anser them 🤣 I’ll be available too. Thank you


I’ll try to not to crash the party too much, but here’s my pointers:

-AA has a 737-800 as well (typically ORD and DFW)

-D should have JetBlue and spirit as well

-C should have Frontier and maby BA if you want to plan ahead

-JetBlue wolnt be operating the A320 here at the time of the event anymore

-A few miscellaneous things I’d be happy to help with

-no Cargo 😢 (lol, I’m not that sad, I don’t care too much about being 100%…)

But sorry, I’ll try not to be too nit picky… 😂

I love this event!


But expect me to attend, I just need to figure out what gate I want… 😁


I’ll take A9

I’ll take B38 to KDFW.

Also what server is this on?

I’ll take Gate A18 to CYYZ. Could it be that the time is wrong (1800Z is 7pm here in Austria, in the time converter it says 8pm)? Also what server is this on?

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Are we allowed to fly in ex. I want to do a flight from Frankfurt-Pittsburg on Condor am I allowed?

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I’d like to please represent for American Airlines Virtual

May I please have Gate: B37|AAL a320 KPHX

Thank you sir.

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I’ll take B36 to KORD!

Please note the server.

I’ll take b31. Is this on expert or training

I’ll add everyone. I’ll also add the server I’m so sorry
Expert Server


Sure but do we have condor in IF?

Shoot your right I thought we did
Can I take Iceland air 757 from BIKF?

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Sure I’ll put you in

Thanks I’ll make sure to be there!

WOW would be the realistic one if that’s what you’re going for…

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Yeah I just searched that up to I’ll take WOW A320


I will take B26 to KPHL

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