Completed | Partnered with United Virtual and Plane and Pilot Events | Newark Liberty Flyout @ KEWR - 231800ZJUN19

Hello and welcome to my third event! This event will be at Newark Liberty International Airport (KEWR). Why Newark? Newark, mostly referred to as just New York because of how close it is to Manhattan, is the 15th busiest airport in the US. In 2018 Newark served over 46 million passengers with destinations to every corner of the globe! If you want to read more about Newark, you can do so here:

Here is a gate map from Infinite Flight:

Server: Expert

Airport: KEWR

Time: 1800Z 2019-06-23T18:00:00Z

- Please use UNICOM correctly if no ATC is present
- Departing runways will be announced the day of the event
- You are responsible for creating your own FPL and calculating fuel
- Spawn into your gate at least 15 minutes before the event starts
- Gate requests close 30 minutes prior to event start
- Have fun!

Gate Assignments

Terminal A (Other Airlines)

Airlines and Routes

Air Canada: Calgary (A319), Ottawa (CRJ-200), Toronto (E175), Vancouver (B787-9)

Alaska Airlines: Los Angeles (B737-900), Portland, OR (B737-900), San Diego (B737-8/900), San Francisco (B737-900), San Jose (B737-900), Seattle/Tacoma (B737-900)

American Airlines: Charlotte (B737-800, A320, A321), Chicago-O’Hare (CRJ-700, B737-800), Dallas/Fort Worth (B737-800, A321), Miami, FL (B737-800), Phoenix-Sky Harbor (B737-800)

JetBlue: Boston (E190), Fort Lauderdale (A320), Fort Myers (A320), Orlando (A320, A321), San Juan, PR (A320), Santiago, DR (A320), Santa Domingo, DR (A320), Tampa (A320), West Palm Beach (A320)

Southwest: Austin (B737-700), Chicago-Midway (B737-700), Denver (B737-800), Nashville (B737-700), Oakland (B737-800), Phoenix-Sky Harbor (B737-700), San Diego (B737-800), St. Louis (B737-700)


A10 - B739 to KSJC - @BigBert10

A11 - B739 to KSJC - @GlobalFlyer1

A12 - B739 to KSJC - @Suhas

A14 - B737 to KBNA - @Airwolf

A15 - B738 to KOAK - @JeromeJ

A16A - B738 to KDEN - @Luke_Sta

A16B - B739 to KPDX - @NathanD

A17 - E175 to CYUL - @Philippe_Gilbert

A18 - B789 to CYVR - @Joseph007

A20 - B738 to KDEN - @Nathen_Magana

A20A - B738 to KSAN - @Zach007

A21 - A319 to CYYC - @planeymcplaneface

A22 - E175 to CYYZ - @Leifjt

A23 -

A23A -

A24 -

A24A -

A25 -

A25A -

A26 -

A26A -

A26X -

A27 -

A27A -

A28 -

A30 -

A31 -

A32 -

A33 -

A34 - B789 to CYVR @Javier_Arnau_Avila

A35 -

A36 - CRJ-700 to KORD @Speedbird_286

A37 -

A38 -

A39 -

Terminal B (International Terminal / Delta and Spirit)

Airlines and Routes

Air China: Beijing Capital (B787-9)

British Airways: London-Heathrow (B772)

Delta Airlines: Atlanta (B717), Cincinnati (CRJ-900), Detroit (B717, CRJ-700, CRJ-900), Minneapolis/St. Paul (B717, E170, CRJ-900), Raleigh/Durham (CRJ-700, CRJ-900), Salt Lake City (B737-900)

El Al Israel: Tel Aviv (B787-10)

Emirates: Athens (B77W), Dubai (B77W)

Icelandair: Reykjavik (B757-200)

LOT Polish: Warsaw (B787-8)

Norwegian Air Shuttle: Barcelona (B787-9), Rome (B787-9)

Porter Airlines: Toronto (Dash 8-Q400)

Scandinavian Airlines: Copenhagen (A330), Oslo-Gardermoen (A330), Stockholm (A330)

Spirit Airlines: Atlanta (A320, A321), Fort Lauderdale (A321), Houston–Intercontinental (A321), Las Vegas (A320), Myrtle Beach (A321), New Orleans (A320), Orlando (A320, A321), Santa Domingo, DR (A320), Tampa (A320)

Swiss Airlines: ZĂĽrich (A330)

Virgin Atlantic: London-Heathrow (A340)


B40 - DNCQ400 to CYTZ - @anon41771314

B41A - CRJ-700 to KCVG - @Alex_Kyte

B41B -

B42 (Heavy)

B44 (Heavy) -

B45 - B712 to KDTW - @Dillon_ATC

B46A (Heavy) -

B46B -

B47 -

B51 (Heavy) - B772 to EGLL - @Adam_Goodman

B52 -

B53 (Heavy) - B789 to ZBAA - @lew1s_h02

B54 (Heavy) - B77W to LGAV - @Boris_Huang

B55A (Heavy) - B772 to EGLL - @Peter_Mbg

B56 (Heavy) - A346 to EGLL - @Altaria55

B57 (Heavy) - A333 to EGLL - @Doonies

B60 (Heavy) - 77W to LGAV - @AshPrad

B61 -

B62 - (Heavy) - B78X to WSSS - @Jack_Q

B63 - (Heavy) - B77L to VABB -@CaptAbhinav

B65 -

B67 - (Heavy) - A333 to ENGM - @QFA_12

B68 -

Terminal C (United Airlines)

Airlines and Routes

United Airlines and United Express: Aguadilla, PR (B737-900), Amsterdam (B767), Anchorage (B752), Aruba (B737-900), Athens (B767), Atlanta (E170, A320, B737-7/800), Austin (A320, B737-7/900), Bangor, ME (E170), Barcelona (B767), Beijing Capital (B772), Berlin-Tegel (B767), Bermuda (B737-800), Bogota (B737-700), Boston (A320, B737-7/900), Bozeman (B737-700), Brussels (B772), Buenos Aires (B767), Buffalo, NY (E170), Burlington, VA (CRJ-200), Cancún (B737-900), Charleston, SC (A320), Charlotte (E170, A320), Chicago-O’Hare (A320, B737-8/900, B752), Cincinnati (E170), Cleveland (B737-7/800), Columbus, OH (E170), Dallas/Fort Worth (E170, A320, B737-7/800), Dayton (E170), Delhi (B772), Denver (B737-8/900, B752), Detroit (E170), Dublin (B772), Edinburgh (B752), Fort Lauderdale (A320, B737-8/900), Fort Myers (A320, B737-800), Frankfurt (B787-10), Geneva (B767), Glasgow (B752), Halifax (A320), Havana (E170), Hilton Head (E170), Hong Kong (B772), Honolulu (B767), Houston–Intercontinental (A320, B737-8/900, B767, B772), Indianapolis (E170), Jacksonville, FL (E170), Kansas City (E170), Key West (E170), Las Vegas (A320, B737-8/900, B752), Liberia, CR (B737-800), Lisbon (B767), London–Heathrow (B767), Los Angeles (B752, B772, B787-10), Louisville (E170), Madrid (B767), Manchester, UK (B767), Memphis (CRJ-200, CRJ-700), Mexico City (B737-700), Miami, FL (A320, B737-8/900), Milan (B767), Milwaukee (E170), Minneapolis/St. Paul (E170), Montego Bay (B737-8/900), Montreal (E170), Mumbai (B772), Munich (B767), Myrtle Beach (A320), Naples (B767), Nashville (E170, A320, B737-7/800), Nassau (A320), New Orleans (E170, A320, B737-700), Norfolk (CRJ-200/700), Omaha (E170), Orange County (B737-700), Orlando (A320, B737-8/900, B752), Panama City (B737-800), Paris DeGaulle (B772), Pensacola (E170), Phoenix-Sky Harbor (A320, B737-800, B752), Pittsburgh (E170, A320), Porto (B752), Port of Spain (B737-800), Portland, ME (E170, B737-700), Portland, OR (A320), Prague (B767), Providenciales (B737-800), Puerto Plata (B737-800), Punta Cana (B737-8/900), Raleigh/Durham (E170, A320, B737-7/800), Reykjavik-Keflavík (B752), Richmond (E170), Rochester, NY (E170, A320), Rome (B767), Sacramento (A320), Salt Lake City (A320), San Antonio (E170, A320), San Diego (A320, B737-800), San Francisco (B752, B772), San José de Costa Rica (B737-800), San Juan, PR (B737-900, B772), San Salvador (B737-800), Santo Domingo (B737-800), Santiago (B737-900), São Paulo (B772), Sarasota (E170, A320), Savannah (E170, A320), Seattle/Tacoma (A320, B737-800), Shanghai–Pudong (B772), Shannon (B752), St. Louis (E170), St. Maarten (B737-700), Stockholm-Arlanda (B752), Tampa (A320, B737-8/900), Tel Aviv (B772, B787-10), Tokyo-Narita (B772), Toronto–Pearson (E170), Vancouver (B737-900), Venice (B767), Washington–Dulles (B737-8/900), Washington-National (E170), West Palm Beach (A320, B737-8/900), Zürich (B767)


C70 (Regional Jet) - CRJ-700 to KRIC - @Niccckk

C71 (Heavy) - B772 to KIAH - @DiamondGaming4

C72 (Heavy) - B772 to VABB - @Olivier999

C73 - B739 to KDEN - @Frontier7911

C74 (Heavy) - B772 to TJSJ - @Kevinsoto1502

C75 (B767) - B767 to LPPT - @MT6D

C80 (Heavy) - B772 to VABB - @DhruvChopra

C81 - A320 to KDFW - @Heyitxryan

C82 - A320 to KMYR - @Kate_Russell

C83 (Heavy) - B772 to VIDP - @Siddhansh

C84 - B737 to KBOS - @IFdude1

C85 - A320 to KSMF - @Dylan_M

C86 - B738 to MDPC - @FlyAndCrash

C87 -

C88 - A320 to TNCM - @Pingu

C90 (Heavy) - B772 to VHHH - @Blake_Stephens

C92 (Regional Jet) - CRJ-700 to KGRR - @den.aviation

C94 -

C95 (Heavy) - B772 to KIAH - @BadPlane

C96 -

C97 -

C98 (Heavy) - B78X to EIDW - @United_1154

C99 -

C101 (Heavy) - B772 to VABB - @Ayush_Mathur

C102 (Heavy) - B772 to RJAA - @A350iscool

C103 - B739 to KAUS - @Suhas

C104 - B738 to TAPA - @Flying_Ryan

C105 (Regional Jet) - CRJ-700 to KGRR - @TheFlyingGuy1

C107 - B738 to KPBI - @757fan

C108 (Heavy) - B772 to VHHH - @AviationJack

C109 (B757) - B752 to KORD - @N2628P

C110W (Heavy) -

C111 - B739 to KMCO - @Eugene_Leybovich

C112 - B739 to KSEA - @will_pugh

C113 -

C114 -

C115 - B739 to KMCO - @harmyd

C120 (B737) -

C122W (Heavy) - B78X to EDDF - @Patrick_Gallagher

C122 -

C123W - B78X to KLAX - @AviationGaming

C124 - B78X to KLAX - @VulicityHD

C125W - B78X to KLAX - @Matt777

C126 - B739 to MDST - @Hendry_Jose_Torres_C

C127 - B752 to KPHX - @Flight67

C128 (B757) - B752 to KORD - @TheOtherMatthew

C130 -

C131 -

C132 -

C133 -

C134 -

C135 (Heavy) - B78X to LFPG

C136 -

C137 -

C138 -

C139 -

Thank you to @PlaneCrazy for letting me use his gate format!

Thank you to @Joseph007 for helping me with the format of the event!

Thank you to @AviationJack for giving me tips on KEWR!

United Virtual is Partnering with this event!

Want to learn more about them? Check them out here!

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Looks great Brad! I think A17 is the heavy gate for the first building in concourse A. So can I have A17 to CYVR in an AirCanada 789?

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I just checked, A17 isn’t a heavy gate but A18 is. I’ll put you there, thanks for signing up!

Yep just checked for myself, A18 it is!

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C123 to Los Angeles on the 78X. Thanks!

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Your signed up, see you there!

I’ll take C71 to KIAH in the 777. Callsign UVAL-022. Thanks!

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Your signed up!

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I’ll take a United CRJ-700 to KRIC, please! :)

(They use the E145 for this route, but there is no E145 in IF, so I’ll use the CRJ-700 as a replacement.)

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I will take an Alaska gate B739 to San Jose please

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Ok, your at C70!

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Ok, A10 for you!

I’ll have A15 in a Southwest 737-800 to Oakland

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Can I have C108 to FLL
Also you’re welcome

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@JeromeJ your signed up!
@AviationJack sure thing, do you have an aircraft preference?


I’m following the RL flight

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Ok, see you there!

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May I have?
Destination Sarasota
Airline United
Aircraft A320
Gate C82

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Yup, see you there!

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I’ll take a Southwest 737-800 to Denver please departing from gate A14

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