[Completed] Pacific Joint Event Series | Leg 2 | San Francisco-Hawaii @ KSFO - 271800ZJUL19

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Pacific Joint Event Series

- See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me - Moana (2016) -

Hello! Bonjour! こんにちは! Ni hao!
Welcome and Thanks for taking a look at our Third “Pacific Series” Event! This series is led to bring some of our Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Communities together in a series of about 10 events spanning across 3 continents! Our goal is to “Break The Infinite Barriers Once Again”, showing our determination to keep pushing for the best for Infinite Flight by aiming to bring over 200 pilots along for this journey (per leg)!

On this event we are flying out of San Francisco to Hawaii! San Francisco is a United Virtual Airlines Hub and one of the USA’s biggest airports! Honolulu is a UPS pacific Hub and is quite the destination! What a better way to have an event by connecting both of them with a Conga line! Any of the 13 Virtual Airlines Liveries can be used (See Gate/Aircraft Chart Below).

Lets Meet The Virtual Airlines Apart of The Pacific Joint Event Series

Feel free to check out any/all of these VA’s if you want to experience fun and professionalism at the same time within Infinite Flight!

Air Canada Virtual Airlines (ACVA)

All Nippon Virtual Airlines (ANV)

American Virtual Airlines (AAVA)

Virtual Cathay Pacific (vCX)

Delta Virtual Air Lines (DLVA)

Infinite Flight General Aviation Club (IFGAC)

Qantas Virtual Group (QVG)

Singapore Virtual Airlines (SVA)

Tailwinds Flying Club (TFC)

United Virtual Airlines (UVA)

UPS Virtual (UPSVA)

Virgin Virtual Group (VGV)

Event Details

Server - Expert Server

Event Start Time - 1800Z Saturday, July 27, 2019 5:00 PM

Departure Airport - San Francisco International Airport [KSFO]

Flight Time - 4 Hours 30 Minutes

Arrival Airport - Honolulu International [PHNL]

Flight Details

Cruising Altitude - 37,000ft

Cruising Speed - M 0.87 / 265 KIAS / 510 GS

Spacing - Try to maintain 5 nm

Flight Plans

Generated and Modified From FPLtoIF.com




We will be utilizing the any aircraft family on this flight! Pick any livery on any larger aircraft below:

VA Represented Airline
Air Canada Virtual Airlines Air Canada
All Nippon Virtual Airlines ANA
American Virtual Airlines American Airlines
Delta Virtual Air Lines Delta Air Lines
Infinite Flight General Aviation Club BBJ/ACJ
Qantas Virtual Group Qantas & JetStar
Singapore Virtual Airlines Singapore Airlines
Tailwinds Flying Club A318 [Infinite Flight]
United Virtual Airlines United Airlines
UPS Virtual UPS
Virgin Virtual Group Virgin America, Atlantic & Australia
Virtual Cathay Pacific Cathay Dragon & Cathay Pacific

Special Thanks To…

Infinite Flight

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LiveFlight image

FPLtoIF image

These Groups are the reason why we are allowed to have such a great event lined up for the community.

Ghosting Will Be Enforced

Event Credits

Event Coordinator & Event Planner: @Balloonchaser

Banner Made By: @ShadowOutlaw

Planning Group: @The_Geniusman @the777fan @Chris_Hoss @MrMrMan @Balloonchaser @harmyd @Dylan_Bright @Dylan_T @Darren_QFA0333 @Daniel14 @Matthew_Chan @Ishan_S @Trevor_A @mwe2187 @Josh @Luke_M @natedog508 @shrek1 @Jshnlsn @VAnuj @DaYooper @Shane_Cullen @Patrick_Gallagher @SkysTheLimit87 @ESCORT01 @Transport_Hub @TwinsRock88


Gate Assignments

You don’t have to be in any of these Virtual Airlines to partake in this event!

Terminal Gate Pilot Aircraft Airline
International Terminal Gate A01 @harmyd [UVAL004] B739 United
International Terminal Gate A01B @Kenneth_Brodkin [UVAL057] B739 United
International Terminal Gate A02 @Connor_Long [UVAL131] B739 United
International Terminal Gate A03 @jack_Q [UVAL122] B739 United
International Terminal Gate A04 @Sunseeker58 [UVAL133] B739 United
International Terminal Gate A05 @Planes4life [UVAL021] B739 United
International Terminal Gate A06
International Terminal Gate A07 @Leong_Qi_Wei_819 [SVA8017] B739 Alaska
International Terminal Gate A08 @Nidhish_Kataria [SVA0028] B739 Alaska
International Terminal Gate A09 @Tegar_Kusuma [SVA211] B739 Alaska
International Terminal Gate A10
International Terminal Gate A11A
International Terminal Gate A12
Terminal 01 Gate B24 @FLY_BOII31 [PJ-WIA] IFGAC
Terminal 01 Gate B25 @IF_Aviation1 [IFA1] IFGAC
Terminal 01 Gate B26 @Altaria55 [ALT55] IFGAC
Terminal 01 Gate B27 @NathanD [N106ER] IFGAC

Spectator Gates (You Will Not Move From These Gates)

Spawn in a GA aircraft

Spectator Gates

Terminal Gate Pilot Aircraft
Remote A18 XCub
Remote A19 XCub

You can go around in Free Cam and take wonderful pictures :)

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I’ll take a spectator gate, please.

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Sadly I got ghosted and sent back to grade 2😢 so I can’t attend sorry


Ayeee 🙌🏼 This should be fun great route!


Are we expecting ATC, or will we use unicom?

It will be Unicom, since PHNL is not featured on the atc schedule


The use of unicom will be in use

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I know it’s last minute, but can I nab A06? I’d love to join…

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Pretty please?

Roger. You have a spectator stand :)

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What airline? Aircraft? Callsign?

Umm, I’ll do… can I do the United 747? Every time I fly to hnl from sfo, I do the 747. Call sign would be UA756…

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Can you confirm so I can spawn in…

Yes sir. All yours!

Oh how time flies. Spawn In

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PS lads: Start the event. This one won’t be a giant event but there should be a descent amount (20-30). I’m on vacation but we should kick back up to the massive events next week

So… push back now?

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Yessir. More will be spawning as time passes.

Ok. I’ll push back first to get out of the way of UVA133