(COMPLETED)Norwegian 737-800@EHAM071625ZJAN18

  • Aircraft and Livery:737-800 Norwegian

  • Route: Just copy my FPL when you spawn, my display name is Flips!

  • Time of Departure: 16:30Z

  • Server: Training Server

  • Additional Information: Please spawn near Runway 24! Expect RWY27R in EGLL!

Flight Details:
Climbing Rate: 2000 ft/m
Cruising Speed: 345 kts Airspeed
Cruising Altitude: 18000 ft
Begin your descent approximately 75-100 nm before Destination.
Descent Speed: you decide your own
Descent rate: -1600 ft/m
Further details during the flight!

If you can, I can also make 1525z

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will be there ;)
What is the route? Because if it is at least 30min we should cruise at 26000 ft

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We fly at 20000 ft, I correct, and so we cannot miss the descent with this descent rate

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Can I sign up to ATC EHAM at that time for y’all?

26000ft is the fastes way to get to your destination ;) What is our route?

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Can we do 1525

Yes, why not?

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I have to clean my room at home, so I cannot do 1525 :-( Sorry!

Use as Callsign Nortrans 002

Ok, we’ll use 26000 ft as cruising altitude

We will cruise at 24000 ft because we fly to EGLL

I will spawn at EHAM Pier D Gate D26

Will be there

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Will join in 12

Can we please fly to LGW? LHR has traffic problems at this time. I was once told to divert…😂

We’ll see if we do this!

Ok cool💪💪💪

Is it ok if I use the KLM B737-700?

👌 yes, you can use it!
Please use anyway the Nortrans (Norwegian) callsign