Completed my first landing today!

Got the game yesterday evening and loved it! Did my first landing in an A321 ANA just now. 🙂


Welcome to the forums and welcome to Infinite Flight!!! I am glad you have arrived! I also look forward to seeing you out in the blue skies!
My call sign is 508! Look for that and you’ll see a friend in the skies!!! Safe landings brother 🛬


Not sure whether to get live yet, the price is a bit steep. :)


I’m new to infinite flight too, but i got live+ yesterday and let me tell you that it is definately worth to get it, especially if you are a regular player.


Problem is that my iPad is not connected to wifi very frequently, and when it is IF is usually blocked.

Oh… But even if you don’t play live all the time, you still save lots of money by getting all regions and planes.

Congratulations on your first landing, it’s worth it to get live. Once you go live, you won’t go solo ever again.


Welcome to the community!

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Congratulations! It seems you did touch down a bit too early. Let me help you out :)

You see the aiming point? You should try and touch down on those two white rectangles.

Good first attempt though 👍


I never knew what those lines were for.

but now I do 😺


Well you do now 😂😂😂 glad I could help 👍

I’m going to try some landings now.

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Yep, thanks. I’m used to the X-Plane 10 A320, but it appears that aircraft in X-Plane 10 fly differently to IF.



No problem dude!

Well done buddy…look out for Alaska 6 38 in the skies…that’s me!

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Welcome to infinite flight live, nice first landing (a lot better than mine because I go off the runway and go speeding through taxi ways (or off cliffs))

My call sign is 007. Have fun playing and hope to see ya around the sky’s

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In fact I’m about 30nm out of KPDX if anyone wants to join on the advanced server 😄

welcome to the community bud and your landing was on fleek like my mustache.


Welcome to the forum, and Infinite Flight! If you need any help with anything, be sure to take a look at the #tutorials page. Hope you enjoy IF!

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