[Completed] Mass Spitfire Flight @EGVN - EGUL 122000ZNOV18

Hello all and welcome


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My goal is to host the biggest mass flight with only Spitfires in the History of Infinite Flight. The Spitfire is an aircraft i fly often (as those who know me well, can tell you) and i feel its needs a big make over but also more attention in the game as it is still an awesome aircraft to fly.

Server: Expert

Airport: EGVN - EGUL
_spawn in the main area and dont spawn ontop of each other, Taxi out after IFAEEURO.

Time: 2000Z

Flight Time: Approx. 30 Minutes

Flight: VFR (Follow Aircraft Ahead)

Speed & Altitude: Approx. 240 KIAS & Between FL015/018
best way to do this is set 54% fuel, once above 200KIAS set -20% trim & throttle 50% and fly level once at 1500ft and you wont have to touch the throttle as such or do much else apart from turn and keep it level. Keep sensitivity sliders at around 25% and this will help during the flight

NOTAM: During this flight i request a MANDATORY Minimum distance of 1-2nm.
This flight will be held as a VFR Follow of the aircraft in front with myself leading the flight.
Flight Lead Callsign : IFAEEURO
Full UNICOM is a must
Please respect all other pilots and enjoy the flight


Should this be on casual or training not expert as we al could get ghosted. It’s expert server for a reason


It will be expert because i want it to be an orderly fashioned event and why would you get ghosted ??

Aerobatic manouvers

Don’t do any aerobatic maneuvers over the airport and you should be set.

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Why and what aerobatic manouvers would you be doing ??
It isnt an airshow, its a group flight like any others in the community


1 Week to GO

1 Day to GO!

Count me in i fly the spit all the time also have done since it was added to infinite flight!

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Awesome, !!! Another person who flies it all the time !!!

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I’ll give it a go

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See you there Nate

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Sounds great! Will join!

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Fantastic, cant wait to see you later today

Record Attempt Day guys !!!
Thinking about it we could get 3 Records today

  1. Most Spitfires flying together in the air at once as a group flight
  2. Most amount of Crashes and fails in one event and flight
  3. Most amount of spitfires all flying on on IF at one time

If we can get atleast 15-18 minimum then i think we have smashed 2 records.

See you all soon and make sure you get comfy before flight


I will attempt to join

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You wont regret it

Sure, but under 1 non negotiable condition. We have a mass dogfight after. And I get to fly really tight formation with you. So maybe two conditions. 😁

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Well you can do that under one condition. Get violations and be down a grade or gone from expert for a week.
Your choice but once im on the ground at EGUL i doubt i will be taking off again. For a while, we can end the flight and do it after on casual if your cool with that ??

Fine we can do it on casual… 😒😂

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