[Completed] Love to Houston, A Realistic Airport Event @ KIAH - 050000ZAUG18


I will be taking the Boeing 737-900


Can’t wait for this event :D Looks like it’ll be busy!


I’d definitely like a spot in this :)

Gate: Gate A03C
Airline: American
Callsign: AAVA 2020
Route: KIAH-KPHX (CRJ900)



I can’t wait either!! Really hoping for a great turnout!!


How many days is it away? Looks like the title is not updated.


Just 20 days away!! Plenty of gates and spots still available!! Would love to see a great turn out in Houston!!


Could I have C45, UA7682, 737-900, KIAH-KHOU.


Actually can I switch to E20B?


It has been switched.


May I please have gate A02
Airline JetBlue
Callsign JetBlue735
Aircraft :A321
Destination KPVD


Can i put you in Terminal D? Thats the terminal JetBlue flys out of.


Ok Terminal D but what gate?


How about Gate D01? Or D12?


DO1 if that’s ok with you


Sorry I meant D01 not DO1


That will work great, i will get you in now.


Thank see you on the big day!🛫


ill take gate e19, united 737-9


and callsign is united 0433


Got you added to the list! Look forward to seeing you!