[Completed] Love to Houston, A Realistic Airport Event @ KIAH - 050000ZAUG18


Yes let’s go the time is finally Japan friendly 9am in the morning perfect!
U got me I’m signing up
DLVA172 (Delta) CRJ9 or 712( depends on the database edits in DLVA )


I have put you at Gate A07 with the CRJ-9, if something changes, please let me know.


Gate C05 UA1967 B739 KIAH-KPDX

This is a good one as I’m originally from Houston and I’m flying from there to my current hometown of Portland…enjoy


Sign me up!

Gate: A17
Callsign : DLVA5726 (737 tentatively, depends on dlva database edits)
Airline: Delta


You plan to file this into a pirep?


I have you at A17 with the 737. If something changes, please let me know.


It’ll just be a plane change at most but I’ll let ya know :)


10-4, A17 can handle both the 737 and the CRJ so you should be good.


26 Days left to sign up!! 100+ gates left! Passenger, Cargo and GA all still available!


I am both happy and sad because I will not be able to make it to the event because I am flying that day (in real life).


Well if you are flying in to Houston , remember things are better in real life /(°~°)/

@CaptainDavid I think it is ssfe for me to sign up,
D11, Turkish Airlines, Turkish 34, Turkish Airlines 777-300ER, Istanbul, Turkey(LTBA)(This is not the best maintained airport TBH IRL, cannot wait for when they finish the new one)
Hoping for this to work as a RWR


Please could i join if possible


What gate/airline/plane/callsign/route would you like?


Callsign Northwest 008
Gate any
Plane DC-10
Point of origin IAH
Desired finish point MIA


I’d like Terminal A Gate A12 please.

Aircraft: Air Canada CRJ-900
Callsign: Air Canada 726


Yup a DLVA route filed in the PIREP system


Can I have:
Gate D02
Houston - Doha
Boeing 777-300ER


I put you in E17. If you want to change, let me know.


Gate E20A


What aircraft will you be flying?