[Completed] Love to Houston, A Realistic Airport Event @ KIAH - 050000ZAUG18


Yes Sir, I’ll be able to attend on Aug, 4th.


You know where to put me! ;)


The 737-800 is to big for A27A or B. Would you be ok with A15?


Set a gate up for DaYooper -> CD04 UPS UPS532 A330 KONT.


Hey @BigBert10, The date has been changed to August 4th due to a conflicting event on the original date. Would you like to attend on the new date or will you still be in Florida?


I’m so sorry. I would still be in Florida until August 8. So I won’t be able to join. I love the realistic events series though.

Thanks for the offer.


Ok sure. I will take the gate.


Keep in mind that I may not attend.


Gate please. UPS318 MD-11F


What airline would you like to fly?


East Cargo CE01 | KIAH-PANC
Let me know if your ok with the route.


American Airlines 737-800.


Thanks @CaptainDavid…see you there.


This is the most underrated airport in infinite flight in my opinion.


Gate A3
Callsign AC1119
Destination CYYZ
Airline Air Canada


Please sign me up
Gate C3
Kiah - Kmia
United 2146 (A320)


A3 is to small for the A321 so I moved you to A1. Is this ok?


hi could i have gate D03//speedbird 419//787-9//KIAH-EGLL


nice event, one thing is that you can use a time strip which automatically puts it into whatever time zone the person viewing the thread is on


What is the code for it? @booster45