[Completed] Love to Houston, A Realistic Airport Event @ KIAH - 050000ZAUG18

This event will on Saturday, August 4th, 2018 for those pilots located in the US, Not on Friday.
Saturday, August 4th, 2018 beginning at 19:00 Central Daylight Time

Server: Expert

Region: USA

Airport: KIAH

Time: 2400Z August 4th 2018 at 1900CDT


About This Event: This event will be located at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, TX, an airport that doesn’t get much love on IF. We will be trying to keep this event as realistic as possible. Passenger and Cargo routes are available as well as some corporate and general aviation flights as well. These will be listed below. Please be mindful of the size of your aircraft vs. gate size.

Airport Information: George Bush Intercontinental Airport is one of 2 passenger airports in the Houston Metro Area along with the William P. Hobby Airport. IAH currently serves 26 airlines and connects passengers and cargo to 5 different continents. For more information, visit: http://www.fly2houston.com/iah/overview/

NOTAMS: Please make sure to check that the route you are requesting is a route used by the airline you are flying for. Corporate and General Aviation do not need specific routes. Also, please make sure that the aircraft you request will fit in the gate you request.
When requesting a gate, please use the following format: (Gate)(Airline)(Callsign)(Aircraft)(Destination)
Please make sure that the gate you are requesting is not already taken.

Terminal A (17 Gates Available)

Air Canada, Alaska, American, Delta, Frontier, Spirit, WestJet

Gate A01: @Olympicq400 | AC1119 | A321 | KIAH - CYYZ
Gate A02:
Gate A03A:
Gate A03B: @rileymoyer | MV274 | CRJ900 | KIAH - KPHX
Gate A03C: @turtlebiscut | AAVA2020 | CRJ900 | KIAH - KPHX
Gate A03D:
Gate A03E:
Gate A03F:
Gate A07:
Gate A08:
Gate A09: @Philippe_Gilbert | Air Canada 7684 | E175 | KIAH - CYUL
Gate A10: @Sebastian9915 | ACVA243 | A319 | KIAH - CYYZ
Gate A11:
Gate A12: @SpeedPlayz | Air Canada 726 | CRJ-900 | KIAH - KORD - CYUL
Gate A14: @Lorne_V_Littlejohn | Hiboac | | KIAH - CYYZ
Gate A15: @USAairlines | BUTTER | 737-8 | KIAH - KDFW
Gate A17: @SterlingArcher | DLVA5726 | 737 | KIAH - KATL
Gate A18:
Gate A19:
Gate A24:
Gate A25:
Gate A26:
Gate A27A:
Gate A27B:
Gate A29:
Gate A30:

Only small regional jets such as the CRJ are allowed to use gates A03A-F and A27A and B.

Terminal B (46 Gates Available

United and United Express

Gate B01:
Gate B02:
Gate B03:
Gate B04:
Gate B05:
Gate B06:
Gate B07:
Gate B08:
Gate B09:
Gate B10:
Gate B11:
Gate B12:
Gate B14:
Gate B15:
Gate B15:
Gate B17:
Gate B18:
Gate B19:
Gate B20:
Gate B21:
Gate B22:
Gate B23:
Gate B24:
Gate B25:
Gate B26:
Gate B27:
Gate B28:
Gate B29:
Gate B30:
Gate B31:
Gate B76:
Gate B76A:
Gate B77A:
Gate B79:
Gate B79A:
Gate B80:
Gate B81:
Gate B81A:
Gate B83:
Gate B83A:
Gate B85:
Gate B85A:
Gate B86:
Gate B86A:
Gate B87:
Gate B88:

CRJ-200, CRJ-700, CRJ-900, Dash-8 Q400 for Gates 01 - 31
Up to 737 or A320 for Gates 76 - 88

Terminal C (36 Gates Available)

United Airlines

Gate C01:
Gate C02:
Gate C03: @Patrick_O_Reilly | UA2146 | A320 | KIAH - KMIA
Gate C04:
Gate C05: @Colin_Bondi | UA1967 | 737-9 | KIAH - KPDX
Gate C06:
Gate C07:
Gate C08: @Matt737 | UVA-007 | B763 | KIAH - KORD
Gate C09: @Bryce_D | UA1791 | 739 | KIAH - KLAX
Gate C10:
Gate C11:
Gate C12:
Gate C14:
Gate C14W:
Gate C15:
Gate C16:
Gate C17:
Gate C18:
Gate C19:
Gate C20:
Gate C21:
Gate C22:
Gate C23:
Gate C24:
Gate C29:
Gate C30:
Gate C31:
Gate C32:
Gate C33:
Gate C34:
Gate C35:
Gate C36:
Gate C37:
Gate C39:
Gate C40:
Gate C41:
Gate C42:
Gate C43:
Gate C44:
Gate C45:

Nothing bigger than a 737 or A321

Terminal D (3 Gates Available)

AeroMexico, Air China, AirFrance, Air New Zealand, ANA, Avianca, BahamasAir, British Airways, Emirates, Eva Air, Interjet, JetBlue, KLM, Lufthansa, Qatar, Singapore, Turkish, Viva Aerobus, Volaris

Once Terminal D is full, if someone want to use one of the above airlines, it will overflow into Terminal E.

Gate D01: @JetBlue735 | JetBlue735 | A321 | KIAH - KPVD
Gate D02: @Pingu | QR714 | 777-3ER | KIAH - OTHH
Gate D03: @Zachiebm | Speedbird 419 | 787-9 | KIAH - EGLL
Gate D04:
Gate D05: @Rodrigo_Villalobos | EK206 | 777-3ER | KIAH - OMDB
Gate D06: @Isacc_Paddy | KLM122 Heavy | B789 | KIAH - EHAM
Gate D07: @Shane_Burke | Air France 229 | B772 | KIAH -
Gate D08:
Gate D09: @Kevinsoto1502 | JBU1031 | A322 | KBOS - KIAH
Gate D10: @Matrooxien | Lufthansa 277 | B748 | KIAH - EDDF
Gate D11: @Infinite_Flyer | Turkish 34 | 777-3ER | KIAH - LTBA
Gate D12: @vabriola40 | Emirates 212 | A380 | KIAH - OMDB
Gate D12A:

Terminal E (18 Gates Available)

United Airlines (International), Overflow for Terminal D

Gate E01:
Gate E02A:
Gate E02B:
Gate E03:
Gate E04A:
Gate E05A:
Gate E06:
Gate E07A: @Jshnlsn | UVA034 | B789 | KIAH - KDEN
Gate E08: @Mats | UA102 | B767 | KIAH - EDDM
Gate E09:
Gate E10A:
Gate E11:
Gate E12:
Gate E14:
Gate E15A:
Gate E16:
Gate E17: @J2S | Northwest 008 | DC-10 | KIAH - KMIA
Gate E18A: @Darpan | UVA-120 | B744 | KIAH - PAFA
Gate E19: @MattyPhobia | UA0433 | 737-9 | KIAH - MSLP
Gate E20A: @IanD | UVA-086 | 737-9 | KIAH - MRLB
Gate E20B: @sk28 | UA7682 | 737-9 | KIAH - KHOU
Gate E21:
Gate E22:
Gate E23:
Gate E24:

Terminal E can not handle large aircraft such as the A380 or 747.

Corporate (18 Spots Available)

These are the Corporate Ramps on the South Side of the Airport. Only smaller corporate jets should be used.


ExpressJet 01:
ExpressJet 02:
ExpressJet 03:
ExpressJet 04:

Atlantic Aviation

Atlantic Aviation 01:
Atlantic Aviation 02:
Atlantic Aviation 03:
Atlantic Aviation 04:
Atlantic Aviation 05:
Atlantic Aviation 06:
Atlantic Aviation 07:
Atlantic Aviation 08:

Landmark Aviation

Landmark Aviation 01: @Jay757 | ExecJet 75 | CRJ7 | KIAH - KOPF
Landmark Aviation 02:
Landmark Aviation 03:
Landmark Aviation 04:
Landmark Aviation 05:
Landmark Aviation 06:

General Aviation (FULL)

This will be for anyone wanting to fly independent from an air carrier. Nothing bigger than a Citation X should be used. The GA Ramp is on the Southwest side of the field, South of Landmark Aviation.

Standard Aero 01: @Balloonchaser | BCHASER | C750 | KIAH - KABQ
Standard Aero 02: @anon81054369 | H-SKWHY | C750 | KIAH - KTUL
Standard Aero 03: @Aussie_Wombat | WOMBAT | C750 | KIAH - KHOU
Standard Aero 04: @The_Geniusman | GENIUS | C750 | KIAH - KSPS
Standard Aero 05: @Matrooxien | M-ALEX | C750 | KIAH - EDDH
Standard Aero 06: Reserved
Standard Aero 07: Reserved
Standard Aero 08: @bobo2345 | N824JB | C208 | KIAH - KAUS

Cargo (10 Spots Available)

There are several Cargo lines that fly out of IAH to include UPS, FedEx, United and American as well as:
AirBridge Cargo, Air France Cargo, Amazon Air, Ameristar Air Cargo, CargoLogic Air, CargoLux, Cathay Pacific Cargo, Centurion Air Cargo, China Air Cargo, DHL, Emirates SkyCargo, Lufthansa Cargo, Qatar Cargo and Turkish Cargo.
The cargo ramps will be first come first serve.

United Cargo

United Cargo 01:
United Cargo 02:
United Cargo 03:
United Cargo 03A:
United Cargo 03B:
United Cargo 06:


FedEx Cargo 07:
FedEx Cargo 09:
FedEx Cargo 10: FedEx 50 | 777F | KIAH - KMEM
FedEx Cargo 11: @Nolan_56 | FedEx 56 | MD-11F | KIAH -

General Cargo

East Cargo CA01: FedEx 1609 | 777F | KIAH - KMEM
East Cargo CA02: FedEx 81 | 777F | KIAH - KMEM
East Cargo CA03: FedEx 8 | 777F | KIAH - KMEM
East Cargo CA04: FedEx 6534 | 777F | KIAH - KMEM

East Cargo CB01: FedEx 2 | 777F | KIAH - KMEM
East Cargo CB02: FedEx 192 | 777F | KIAH - KMEM
East Cargo CB03: FedEx 24 | 777F | KIAH - KMEM
East Cargo CB04: FedEx 1 | 777F | KIAH - KMEM

East Cargo CC01: FedEx 7 | 777F | KIAH - KMEM
East Cargo CC02:
East Cargo CC03:
East Cargo CC04: @Playr_Mar | UPS81 | 752 | KIAH - KMIA

East Cargo CD01: @Koby_Thomas | UPS127 | MD-11F | KIAH - KMIA
East Cargo CD02: @CaptainDavid | UPS104 | A330-200F | KIAH - PANC
East Cargo CD03: @karl_iszler | UPS1331 | MD-11F | KIAH - KMIA
East Cargo CD04: @DaYooper | UPS532 | A330-200F | KIAH - KONT

East Cargo CE01: @Shrek1 | UPS318 | MD-11F | KIAH - KMIA
East Cargo CE02: @MrMrMan | UPS428 | MD-11F | KIAH - KMIA
East Cargo CE03: @Aceorbit | UPS5230 | B757 | KIAH - KMIA
East Cargo CE04: Reserved
East Cargo CE05: Reserved

ATC (Need All Positions)

We would really like to have someone at every ATC Station if possible!


Be prepared for incoming aircraft as they will be encouraged during this even to make it more realistic!


I’ll take one of those reserved spots, boss ;) Love to be there!

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Awesome! I’ll take FedEx cargo 7! KIAH-KMEM MD-11F please!

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Sign me up, thanks :)

Gate: Gate D4
Airline: Air New Zealand
Callsign: New Zealand 29

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About ATC service, This is on expert so does this date fall into the IFATC schedule?

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10-4, what Callsign would you like to use?

FEDEX 3 will be my callsign for the flight

10-4, And I’m not sure yet. Will hopefully know soon.

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What aircraft will you be using?

That would be the Boeing 787-9 :)

Sign me up, thanks

Gate: A10
Airline: Air Canada
Callsign: ACVA243
A/C: A319

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2400Z? Don’t you mean 0000Z

also you might not even have ATC as this airport might not be on the schedule

Just curious, what time is this western? (PST)

Also, my event is for the same day

It would mean a lot if you joined as this is my first event

5:00 PM on the 27th of July

Aww man. I wish I could join. But I’d be in Florida during the event. Have fun everyone!

Ok, @Cjthew91’s event was up before mine, therefore I will be changing the date to the following weekend. August 4th 2018 at the same time. Those of you that already have a gate, @Koby_Thomas, @Sammy_Droubi and @Captain_JR, would you still be able to attend and if so, are the same gates ok?


I may or may not attend, but if I do, I would like A27, American Airlines 737-800, and callsign BUTTER. Also, my destination will be DFW.

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Sounds good I should be able to attend

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